Yoga & Raw Food Immersion

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Yoga & Raw Food Immersion

29 Feb – 7 Mar, 2020

Prices from: $1350 USD

Our talented raw food chef and creator of many of our delicious a la carte dishes from our life food cafe menu, Boris Lauser from Berlin (Germany), is usually back on the island only once a year and during this time offers this very special combination retreat for our guests.
Raw Food and yoga create a powerful symbiosis since they both affect your spiritual energy field and can only in one week bring your body and mind to high states of consciousness.
A plant based raw food diet provides your body with more nutrients and less empty calories than a conventional cooked diet, while keeping your body light and flexible to practice yoga and yet supply it with all the nutrition it needs. Most people feel amazing effects in their body after only one week of experiencing this empowering combination of high performance nutrition and daily physical and spiritual practice. On top of this, Boris is a culinary expert and a gourmet, so his raw food creations are way beyond your regular fare and will leave you with no further cravings both taste wise as well as visually.

Boris in fact is one of Europe’s top raw chefs, running a raw food school and a vegan & nutrition chef training in Germany, has published books and has been consulting restaurants and hotels for many years in the art of fine raw food cuisine.

Sample Daily Schedule

07:00 – 10:15: Yoga and Meditation
10:30 – 12:00: Daily special gourmet raw food brunch prepared by Boris exclusively for participants in this retreat
12:00  13:00: Visit of the local food market (on one day)
14:00 – 17:00: Raw Food Master Class with Boris Lauser (on two afternoons)
15:00 – 19:15: Afternoon and/or Evening Yoga and/or Pilates classes
19:30 – 21:00: Multi-course Gourmet Raw Food Dinner, prepared by Boris exclusively for participants in this retreat
Optional on one evening: 16:30 – open end: Sunset drinks/dinner on the other side of the island
After dinner: Fisherman’s village / local Thai live music bar, evening meditations, etc. (optional)

What’s included:

  • Unlimited free yoga and meditation
  • One massage in our stunning seaview spa
  • Welcome drink and snack on our panorama terrace
  • Multi course raw vegan dinners at the chefs table each night except the optional sunset dinner night
  • All raw vegan special brunch buffets, prepared by our head chef exclusively for you
  • Two afternoon raw food master classes with our head chef Boris Lauser
  • Optional fun outings in the evening after dinner, cause Boris knows all the funky and classy places

What’s not included:

  • Any additional orders from the a-la-carte menu
  • Additional drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Travel expenses
  • Additional trips

Boris Lauser, Raw Food Chef, Trainer & Culinary Consultant

Boris Profile

Boris Lauser is currently one of Germany’s most well known vegan raw food chefs, who has also gained high recognition across Europe and worldwide. In Berlin, Boris runs a gourmet dinner club, a monthly fine dining pop-up event taking place in his little studio loft in Kreuzberg, where he shows the full creative potential of high end vegan raw food cuisine. In his Raw Chef Academy, which he started in 2015, Boris teaches people of all backgrounds the art of gourmet raw food preparation in a 6- day intensive seminar. As a passionate traveler, Boris has learned his art studying at the best schools across the world, including The Tree of Life in Arizona, USA, The Matthew Kenney Academy, Pure Food & Wine in New York and Radiantly Alive in Bali. Up to date, Boris keeps his passion of traveling alive and teaches raw food retreats in exotic locations like Bali and Thailand as well as smaller courses across Europe, including Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and many more. In January 2015, Boris published his first book ‘Go Raw Be Alive’ in Germany, which has become soon one of the standard references for raw food preparation. 2017, together with 3 very well known colleagues, Boris opened the Plant Based Institute in Germany, which offers a 6 month training to become a Plant Based Chef and Nutritionist.


Early Bird Discount: USD $100 per person before 31st October, 2019

Yoga Cave: Single: $1350

Zen Bungalow: Single: $1500

Beach Bungalow: Single: $1500 / Double: $2380

Beach Bungalow Superior: Single: $1730 / Double: $2600

Garden Room: Single: $1730 / Double: $2600

Ocean Room: Single: $1800 / Double: $2680

Ocean Room Superior: Single: $1950 / Double: $2900

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