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Workshop Series: The Art of Balance with Mark Das

As we leap fearlessly into the new year, the tribe here at Vikasa is thrilled to be hosting a special series of workshops with guest Instructor Mark Das. This challenging and fun series of four 3-hour workshops is specifically designed to deepen your understanding of arm balances and handstands. Often, these postures are mistaken as being accessible to advanced practitioners only, but we all have to start somewhere!

Open to all levels, this series invites everyone from the beginner yogi to the seasoned practitioner to explore movement within the yoga practice from a new perspective. Besides balancing on your hands, you will learn about human anatomy and biomechanics and delve deeper into the why behind certain techniques and methods of practice.

About Mark

Mark is an international yoga teacher who loves balancing on his hands. The central pillar of his unconventional teaching style emphasises unlocking new movement patterns. Mark encourages his students to be proactive, think critically, and ask questions. He is happiest seeing his students thrive and prefers teaching in a setting that allows for personal attention.


Tuesday, February 19 - Friday, February 22, 2019
12:30p - 3:30p daily


Entire Series (4 workshops) ฿6500 THB
Price per Workshop ฿2000 THB

Workshop Focus

Workshop 1 | The Handstand Trinity
Tuesday, Feb 19
Get ready to experience a new relationship to gravity. Discover how to get into a handstand accurately, stay in it confidently, and get out safely. Explore exercises for injury prevention, learn how to develop strength, build trust, and make friends with your inner monkey.

Workshop 2 | Arm Balance Ancestry
Wednesday, Feb 20
Embrace a systematic approach to unlock a wide range of arm balances. Learn about the foundational components and explore arm balances from a movement perspective. Gain an understanding of how each arm balance naturally progresses into the next.

Workshop 3 | The Movement Matrix
Thursday, Feb 21
Unlock a range of new movement patterns that will benefit your handstand and arm balance practice. Explore how the body functions as an integrated system through the fluidity of animal locomotion. This will help you to efficiently transition between different inversions.

Workshop 4 | The Handstand Revolution
Friday, Feb 22
Experience the sense of freedom unique to hand balancing. Learn a variety of handstand entries, holds, and head positions. Develop the ability to continuously evolve your practice. To join, it is recommended that you are able to kick up into a handstand against the wall.

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This workshop is open to the community & outside guests.

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