Vikasa offers a range of special events ranging from week long retreats, to specialty workshops, intensive bootcamps and month long teacher training. Events offer a fun and focused way to enjoy your stay at Vikasa. You still get the full Vikasa Lifestyle immersion experience, but with a twist of a special theme such as Raw Food or Fitness or Meditation. We are adding new events all the time, check here for the latest or join our newsletter to stay up to date.


The Art of Balance with Mark Das

Retreat Date: 19 – 22 Fev, 2019

Prices From: $65 USD

As we leap fearlessly into the new year, the tribe here at Vikasa is thrilled to be hosting a special series of workshops with guest Instructor Mark Das.

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Retreat Date: 3 – 8 Mar, 2019

Prices From: $970 USD

Become enchanted with the views, scents and atmosphere of exotic Thailand at the beautiful paradise that is Koh Samui island. Be part of a retreat that will nourish your senses, relax your body and inspire your mind. 

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Explore and Restore Yoga Retreat

Retreat Date: 16 – 23 Mar, 2019

Prices From: $1550 USD

Join Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke to restore and recharge in Paradise. We will sleep to the rhythm of the ocean and awaken to the sweet sound of island birds. We will practice in the open air shala to the sound of the sound of the waves followed by dips in the ocean along a private beach.

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Retreat Date: 18 Mar – 7 Apr, 2019

Prices From: $3290 USD

Our course delivers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum that focuses on practice; breathing, meditation and awareness; the ancient philosophy of yoga and, of course, the art of teaching.
Led by Patrycja, Yogagati founder and lead teacher, you will emerge from our course having experienced why yoga is a way of life, not just a form of exercise.

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Yogi Yoga + Qigong

Retreat Date: 30 Mar – 7 Apr, 2019

Prices From: $1450 USD

Become a certified qigong instructor in paradise! Join Marisa Cranfill and the YOQI team for an eight-day immersion that will train you how to effectively sense, feel, transform and work with qi (life force energy/prana) and teach others how to do the same.

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Retreat Date: 30 Mar – 6 Apr, 2019

Prices From: $1199 USD

Chillout Retreats invite you to join in as they celebrate their 10th anniversary with a week of pure bliss! Since 2009 this ethically run family team have been offering the opportunity to relax, restore and chillout in some of the most breath taking, inspiring and special places around the globe.

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Retreat Date: 8 – 15 Apr, 2019

Prices From: $2790 USD

Experience a journey into your own self with this unforgettable 7-day Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Kellie Livingstone. Located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to enrich your yoga practice and find peace within your mind and heart

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Retreat Date: 3 – 10 Aug, 2019

Prices From: $1795 USD

“Travel brings Power and Love back to your Life” – This is Kelly Carter and Lauren Farina’s favorite Rumi quote and it breeds true from every adventure they have gone on. This is their 7th year leading retreats with True Nature and we invite you to spend a week with them in THAILAND at a breathtaking oceanside retreat to expand the boundaries of your practice and life.

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Dream Big in 2019

Retreat Date: 11 – 17 Aug, 2019

Prices From: £1097 GBP

When you face the promise and potential of this new year, what do you want most out of it? What do you want to do, build, achieve, live and experience? What is on your wish list for life? Maybe you dream of becoming a Yoga teacher and traveling the world, experiencing the joy of Yoga in breathtaking places like Vikasa.

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Medical Qigong Teacher Training

Retreat Date: 26 Aug – 14 Sep, 2019

Prices From: $2790 USD

Hi, I am Tevia Feng, founder of White Tiger Qigong. I will be leading the Qigong Intensive and Qigong Teacher Training in Thailand September. It would be an honor to have you join my course and share with you my lifelong experience and knowledge of this sacred practice.

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Retreat Date: 7 – 14 Sep, 2019

Prices From: $1685 USD

Immerse yourself in daily yoga practices. Relax by the infinity pool or private beach between classes. Discover hidden meditation hideaways, or laugh with new friends in the “Chill Out” lounge. Feed your body with delicious and healthy, freshly prepared meals. Then feed your sense of adventure and fun each evening by taking advantage of the resort facilities, enjoying a beverage by the sea, or adventuring out as Samui comes to life by night.

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Retreat Date: 7 – 12 Oct, 2019

Prices From: $2062 USD

When was the last time you took some time out for you?

Imagine a 5 night stay in your very own beach bungalow leaving your distractions and routine behind, allowing yourself to explore new ways to enrich your health and wellbeing.

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Retreat Date: 28 Mar- 4 Apr, 2020

Prices From: $1700 USD

Vikasa Yoga retreat in Thailand is much more than just a hotel with yoga. Vikasa Yoga Re­treaat is a transformational, inspiring, and life-changing experience and one of the most reputable places to learn and practice yoga in Thailand. Our rooms are modest, yet comfortable and clean.

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