Our Philosophy

Fresh & delicious ingredients, talented chefs and genuine love for
what we do is the essence of Vikasa Life Cafe.

Breathtaking location, our values of dedication, authenticity and
attention to detail make Vikasa Life Cafe feel like home.

Organic Restaurant - Food Evolution


We believe food is part of a cycle that begins with honest origins. Being conscious about our bodies and our planet means caring about where our food comes from and how it was made. Our organic garden project is still in its infancy stage but we are striving to grow more of our own organic vegetables to use in our amazing salads and other dishes.

View. Simply. Breathtaking.

Located in the most beautiful spot in Koh Samui, Thailand.


Probably one of the best view points in Koh Samui. Picture perfect any time of day, this view never gets old.


We are open 9am to 10pm.
Try to come around 5pm to enjoy the best colors during sunset.


Probably one of the best view points in Koh Samui. Picture perfect any time of day, this view never gets old.

Award Winning Chefs

The menu is inspired by a collaboration between 2 amazing chefs. An award-winning chef from Berlin – the talented and passionate Boris Lauser. A published author and a world-class chef, also Europe’s best raw food chef award winner.

Teamed up with our own Cyril Schivo from Paris, who lived and worked as a chef in 8 different countries, his gigs included the famous restaurant at the Ritz in Paris and even being a full-time private chef for a president in Africa.

Organic Restaurant - Farming

Naturally Delicious

We use only the freshest natural ingredients of highest quality. No MSG or artificial additives. We don’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Our food is naturally delicious and beautifully prepared.

We believe that the way you eat has a great effect on your life. Your food choices greatly affect your well-being and your future. Establishing the right eating habits is the first step to self-mastery. Desserts do not have to be guilty.


Food prepared and served at our on-site restaurant, the VIKASA LIFE CAFÉ is both healthy and delicious. It’s also a hub for the community at the resort and a great meeting place. We have excellent access to tropical fruits, organic food and fresh local produce, which is conducive to transformation, healing, detox, fitness or just healthy living. You will feel a physical transformation just by eating our delicious and healthy food everyday during your stay.