Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time on Koh Samui is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Enjoy the natural energy of palm trees, white sand, purple sunsets, turquoise waters, dense jungle, and exotic waterfalls. Despite being so easily accessible, Samui remains an idyllic island in the sun.



Koh Samui is easily reached via an increasing number of direct international flights and over a dozen daily 1-hour flights from Bangkok. Arrive easily with a direct flight from any Asian hub on Bangkok Airways. Our award winning airport will receive you with a selection of shopping and eating options making flying in or out of Samui a breeze. If you’re traveling on a budget, and feeling brave, you can also reach the island via ferry from the mainland Thai city of Surat Thani. Be sure to check ferry times as the schedules are sometimes limited. Vikasa is just a fifteen minute drive from the Samui Airport. Airport pick-up is provided but not complementary for all guests, please for more information get in contact with us.

Koh Samui - Buddah


Do you love to travel but hate ending up in touristy destinations, unoriginal hotels or over crowded islands? We strive to provide an off the beaten track experience that helps you grow, try new things, find your center and feel refreshed. Try a new kind of travel, one that leaves boring hotels behind and opens a new world of adventure, transformation and inspiration. Koh Samui is rather small and approachable. It’s easy to learn your way around, just pack your adventurous spirit and be sure to reserve a spot on a Vikasa Discovery Tour.