Yoga Healing Retreat

Vikasa Yoga Events

This six-day yoga and healing retreat offers the incredible opportunity for you to rebalance your body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation and reiki healing sessions, with inspiring and nurturing guidance provided by Alicia Casillas and Bettina Maul.

Forrest Retreat

Forrest Yoga Retreat

Vikasa Yoga Events

Journey with us to the beautiful island of Ko Samui in Thailand this September! Enjoy authentic Forrest Yoga ceremony and practice with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Sinhee McCabe every morning.

Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance Retreat

Vikasa Yoga Events

Balance your energies with Senior Astanga teacher Sarah Vaughan and qualified Yoga Therapist / Yoga Teacher Becky Pell on this unforgettable yoga getaway at Vikasa!


Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Vikasa Yoga Events

A Journey into Daily Sadhana
This yoga retreat is a journey into daily spiritual practice.
We will begin the retreat with an introduction meeting where you will get to know other like-minded yogis, as well as instructors, Kathleen Kastner and Wade Mortenson.

Sweet, Stretch and Smile

Sweat, Stretch and Smile

Vikasa Yoga Events

Join us for a blissful week of yoga and meditation. You will sweat with revitalising vinyasa flow workshops, you will stretch with relaxing yin yoga classes and you will smile with grounding meditation sessions. All levels, everyone is welcome.