Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation Retreat

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A Journey into Daily Sadhana
This yoga retreat is a journey into daily spiritual practice.
We will begin the retreat with an introduction meeting where you will get to know other like-minded yogis, as well as instructors, Kathleen Kastner and Wade Mortenson.

sit and meditate

How to Sit for Meditation

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Meditation Asana share two main features; an upright spine and stability. The spine, up right in extension, provides the mental poise needed for sustained concentration. Stability calms all systems and gives us more internal awareness.


Meditation & Movement

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I say towards, because meditation is an out of body experience which you can not perform. Meditation infers that there is no performer! I suppose it’s easier to say and we all love that, but to say “I meditate”, unless your speaking from the cosmic endless ocean of pure concsciousness-bliss, is just incorrect.