SOULution Yoga Retreat

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SOULution Yoga Retreat

31 Mar – 7 Apr, 2018

Prices from: $1200 USD


This land in Koh Samui has been consecrated to allow for the evolution of spirt. Its founder devotes himself to creating a sacred space for you to grow yours.
Vikasa, a Sanskrit word meaning “becoming visible, expanding and shining forth” will point your direction. Yoga is that sacred place where you find out who you truly are. Life is the backdrop for this Awareness. On retreat from what we call ‘our life,’ retreaters are more keen to cultivate this awareness and grow it.

Along with two of the world’s best teachers, come savour the delicious landscapes of Thailand, satiate in the coalescence of physicality and spirituality, dine on flavourful tastes from award-winning, organic food offerings, while your body acquiesces at the Bliss-oriented spa. Dive into two daily yoga offerings and entwine your body, mind and soul; it will point you to the eternal resting place within. This place within is You. It has also always been the SOULution for your life.

Sample Schedule

7:00am — Pranayama & Meditation
8:00am — Morning Yoga Practice 
(style depends on the participants and on the day.)
9:30 – 11:30am — Breakfast Buffet available
2:00 – 3:00pm — Lunch Buffet available
(afternoons dedicated to rest or adventure. )
5:00pm — Evening Yoga Practice
(style depends on the participants and the day.) 
6:30 – 8:30pm – Dinner Buffet available
2 late night Yin Yoga classes in the week.
Be prepared for the best experience of your Life. 


JOLENE BAYDA Jolene Bayda 

15 years teaching experience, teaching throughout the world; retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings in many modalities of yoga, and still, none of this matters if I can’t lead you into the here and now of your YOUniverse. 

Join me on the mat, investigate and excavate… Yoga will reveal Self. 
Embody breath as a tool to release the body’s daily reaction to stress and tension. Breathe to free the mind. What else is there? — IT’S ALL YOGA !

Troy Turi

Troy Turi:
The postures are metaphors/situations for how you live. They are situations in which YOU find yourself. How you do the yoga IS what you do in your life. How YOU do this posture, what comes up in the posture (anger, grief, judgement, maybe joy) is what YOU experience in your life. If you work backwards, you will uncover how to be free… right now.  

Teaching for over 10 years. Troy works internationally as a yoga teacher, teaching Consciousness as the most important aspect of the teaching of Yoga, he points to ‘it’ and witnesses people uncover for themselves what has always been ‘there.’ Troy was an Interventionist (helping families work through addiction and treatment), and as a Gestalt therapist incorporating yoga and breathing as the cornerstone for people healing themselves.

Pricing and Accommodation

Pricing is $1200 to $1500 USD per person for our available rooms. 

Yoga Cave single occupancy – $1300/person
Zen Bungalow  single occupancy – $1400/person
Zen Bungalow double occupancy – $1200/person
Ocean Standard double occupancy (king or two twins) – $1500/person

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