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Setting Your Intentions For 2019 & Beyond!

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Setting Your Intentions For 2019 & Beyond!

Yoga And Meditation Workshop with Brett Moran

Sunday 27th January 11-3pm Vikasa Yoga Resort

Workshop Price: 700 THB

Setting your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment and helps you create the life you really want to experience in the future. Maybe you want to become a yoga teacher and attend a yoga teacher training, or travel the world and follow your passion, maybe you want to start a new business, create financial freedom, or make an impact on the world. Or maybe you want to deepen your practice, find inner joy, experience more peace and get healthy and strong in 2019! When you attend this motivating and relaxed workshop you’ll discover how to make these dreams a reality by setting your intentions daily.

Living with intention also helps you to recognize your values and get excited about your dreams. It raises your emotional and energetic vibration and makes you physically and mentally stronger. When mastered, the art of setting intentions can totally transform your life! Your intentions will help create more clarity in your life, especially when the seed is planted right before you start a yoga and meditation class. If you are looking to boost your health and find more joy in 2019, and wish to experience life more fully and abundantly, then setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go —it becomes the driving force of your higher consciousness.

Setting your intention helps reduce stress and anxiety, better mange your emotions, and helps you re-connect to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace. Without setting your intentions you have no road map to show you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. That’s why we invite you to join our special guest Brett Moran at Vikasa for this 4-hour ‘Intention Setting Workshop’ so that you can set your intentions and create the road map that will help you succeed in 2019 and beyond! Join us and deepen your connection with your mind body and spirit and awaken the giant within you.

This workshop is open to the community & outside guests.

About Brett


Brett Moran is a published author and international yoga and mediation teacher who has been creating his life for the last 17 years through setting his intention and the power of his imagination. Since Brett had his first wake-up call in a prison cell, he discovered setting intentions really does create reality, and whatever you think you become! Brett loves helping students understand with the power of their mind and how to ignite the deeper energetic systems within them. Helping students unlock the subconscious patterns that keep them stuck and blocked from their dreams. Brett’s passionate about spreading higher levels of consciousness and is at his happiest when he’s sharing yoga and drinking fresh coconuts! Sign up today and join Brett on the 27th January so you can start your new year with a positive boost and a calm confidence to make your dreams a reality.

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