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Sajeeva Handstand and Yoga Training

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Sajeeva Handstand and Yoga Training

17 – 22 December, 2017


This retreat is suitable for beginner and intermediate handstanders who want to improve their technique and mastery of handstands as well as learn new insights into yoga practice with a master teacher and yogi. Each day enjoy 2.5 hour morning sessions and 2.0 hour evening training sessions at Vikasa Yoga Retreat’s beautiful open air and sea view yoga pavillions with George Anthony, Sajeeva Yoga School founder.


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The training is oriented towards developing strength, flexibility, and balance which will create more control in your handstand and other arm balancing techniques. In addition, your teacher is a dedicated Yogi who will also share many insights to expand your perception of life and practice. It’s a great combo… the fun of mastering your handstand with new friends and finding more peace of mind and intelligence in your practice!


Morning Session – 7:00 – 9:30
Evening Session – 17:00 – 19:00

Day 1: Arrival & Evening Meditation
Arrive anytime after 12:00 and before 18:00 to enjoy your first Vikasa dinner and meet your new handstand buddies! After dinner enjoy a simple and refreshing meditation in the Big Yoga Hall at 20:30.

Day 2: Handstanding Fundamentals
Learn exercises for joint conditioning, shoulder opening and stretching, strength training upper body, alignment techniques, various partner assists, and learning the fundamentals of holding handstands. You will be pushed to your maximum and learn to find balance in handstand with lots of personal coaching from George. 

Day 3: Handstand Mastery Progress
Under go the full handstands preparation & core exercise sequences, refine your techniques, get straighter, hold max outs in handstand, strength train with partner exercises. Continue to train hard on handstand for one more day!

Day 4: Yoga: Vinyasa & Yin
We break from strength training handstands to allow for muscle recovery and growth. Morning practice we flow with vinyasa yoga for rejuvenating and activating the whole body and evening we do deep yin yoga stretching, yoga nidra, and meditation.

Day 5: Handstand Climax
The last full day of the retreat we come back to the beginning, drilling the fundamentals. The secret to development in handstand is repetition of good technique! George makes sure your technique is on point.

Day 6: Last Day
Let’s enjoy the last morning of the retreat together with Sunrise gazing, handstand and other fun photos on the beach, and last spotting and coaching from George. Enjoy brunch at Vikasa. Unless you are staying on at Vikasa longer to enjoy the other amazing yoga classes check out is at 12:00

Sound Great?
You can join single sessions or the full immersion. Rooms are available at Vikasa Yoga Retreat with the best views on Koh Samui with a range of accommodation options. Check it out below!

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George Anthony has practiced Yoga since 2006 and has been teaching in Thailand and abroad since 2008. He is known for his clarity and genuine way of training students the why and how of Yoga. He’s also a huge handstand lover and has been through years of training to develop an approach to helping others discover the joy and power of handstands. His time spent training and becoming certified with the AcroYoga school as a teacher has also given him many tools to share with you. You can learn more about George and his school, Sajeeva Yoga, at

Training only price

Training Only Pricing
Handstand and Yoga Immersion Training – 13400 THB / 390 USD
(10 classes totalling 20+ hours over 6 days )

Full Day Training – 3300THB / 95USD
(2 sessions totalling 4.5 hours)

Single Session Morning(2.5 hours) – 1900THB / 55USD
​Single Session Evening(2.0 hours)  – 1700THB / 50USD

Inclusive Packages

Prices below include the Sajeeva Handstand and Yoga Retreat training, twice a day healthy buffet meals(brunch and dinner), access to sky gym, infinity pool, & wifi around the resort. Extras available are spa services and island tours.

  • Yoga Cave :
    1 person $790USD
  • Zen Bungalow :
    1 person $890USD
    2 people $1430USD
  • Beach Bungalow Standard(queen bed) :
    1 person $890USD
    2 people $1430USD
  • Beach Bungalow Superior(king/twin) :
    1 person $990USD
    2 people $1580USD
  • Ocean Standard Garden View :
    1 person $990USD
    2 people $1580USD
  • Ocean Standard Sea View :
    1 person 1040USD
    2 people $1630USD    
  • Ocean Superior :
    1 person $1190USD
    2 people $1780USD

Airport pickup is available from Koh Samui airport only and costs 600 Baht one way. 

Want to dine with us at Vikasa during buffet hours? Add 2000THB/60USD to join all six buffet meals, brunch and dinner. Meals are already included for full package retreat guest training with us at Vikasa.

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