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Tatiana’s  passion for Art Therapy has started a few years ago while she was working at Serenity Rehab Center in Koh Samui  where she used the creative process of making Art as an expressive therapy which helped to improve person's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Later on Tatiana has explored the other aspects of Art Therapy using radically simple technique where the images are not painted but being born by scooping acrylic paint onto watercolor paper. During these sessions Tatiana could see that creating Art without any judgement could actually help people to use the Art not only as means of self-expression but also as ways to self-healing and self-discovery where they could explore the facets of their personalities they never knew existed.


“Tatiana’s Art Therapy sessions are much fun! They’re also a great way to release emotions that may be hiding waaaay deep inside. The sessions are also a wonderful way to connect with others, as well as with our deepest truth. Art never lies, what’s inside wants to come out. I highly recommend Tatiana’s art therapy sessions. ♥ “
Olivia Mercado, Marketing Manager
“Tatiana Ten’s art therapy is the way to engage your mind with creative action. Create means “to bring something in to existence” I would never believe the through this creativity I can set my mind free and also create something as beautiful as my art is. Let express your feeling through colours and creativity. Art therapy is definitely the way how to relaxed your mind, release a tension and enjoy an amazing time. Thank you Tatiana xxx”
Zuzanka Novakova, an Australian traveler
“A friend of at least 10 years and I attended an Art Therapy Session with Tatiana Ten. In summary, the session clearly brought forgotten, but important information into my consciousness mind. For example, how one word can affect your actions and perceptions. Reaffirming for me the importance of daily affirmations. The session was magical in that the art we created was clearly open to interpretation, as expected. But when we shared what we saw, it was like we were lying on the grass together finding rabbit images or dragons or faces in the clouds. We each seemed to have “hidden” images in our artwork which we related to. Very magical feeling. As we left my friend commented that she learned things about me that she never knew or would have guessed. I said, yes, I feel the same and we smiled that deep smile of appreciation for each other. Thank you,Tatiana”
Linda Freundlich , retired New Yorker
“Tatiana’s Art Therapy session was magical. I connected to my creative side and thoroughly enjoyed the process of letting the colors flow through me onto the paper. I highly recommend it!”
Anna Sugarman, the international yoga teacher
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A form of Meditation

Tatiana is certain that Art Therapy can be beneficially used for a purpose of active mediation and that people can explore, unblock and enrich their lives and their own creativity through Art therapy and the best part about it is that no painting experience is needed. Simply bring an open mind and a smile.



Average group size : 2-8 people

Price per person: THB 1,500

Private and group sessions are available and subject to availability




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