Vikasa Yoga Events

Make a Move Retreat

Move Your Body & Move Your Mind

1 – 8 April, 2017

Every morning we will meet on the private Vikasa beach where we will begin our day getting grounded, meditating, breathing and all those things we never seem to have time for at home. By now we’re ready to get that body moving with some physical activity. It could be Budokon, yoga, pilates, animal movements, kickboxing or a Sibylle mix of all. Who knows, she might even through you in the pool for some aqua aerobics! Be open to anything and let go of that need to know exactly what’s going to happen.

During the week we will discover, practice, learn and experience all sorts of Mind Bending things. We will uncover, access and start to shift limiting beliefs that hold us back and complicate life. We will explore a variety of meditations, ways to disconnect from negative relationships with people or situations, we will discuss and practice ways to hear our own guidance so you will know what you need to do when you get to one of those “life road blocks”. We will look at your energy centres (chakras), energy highways (meridians) and energy fields (auras). We will learn to clear, activate and energise them to keep your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body in balance. To make you feel vital, remove blockages and adjust your metabolism, we are going to teach you to trace your meridians and show you a daily energy routine. As a psychic intuitive Rommie, will be offering personal help if and as directed by your own guides during the week. You’ll build your own personal tool kit with loads of ideas and techniques to continue on with when you’re back home.


You will leave with your own personalised tool kit to deal with life’s challenges that will be thrown at you when you get back into your daily routine.

You will leave with a new perspective, a refilled energy tank, revised priorities, life enhancing skills, great friends and memories. You will get the opportunity to press the reset button to uplift and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


           The day will look something like this.

  • 07.30 – 08:00am    – grounding/energy work/meditation, etc
  • 08.00 – 09.30am    – morning physical practice
  • 09.30 – 10.30am     – breakfast
  • 10.30 – 01.00pm     – mind bending workshops
  • 01.00 – 05.00pm    – Free Time
  • 05.00 – 06.00pm    – afternoon physical practice
  • 07.00 – 08:00pm    – dinner
  • 08.00pm   ——>       – movie, group chat, free time (your choice)


Born and bred in a small country town in Australia, my life revolved around sport and music. It was a toss up as to which path I would follow, but it would seem sport would take the honours! Playing turned to coaching, training and managing different sporting teams and clubs. At the same time I became very interested in the human body and how it worked, how to feed it and how to fix it. So I studied a myriad of physical therapies, natural nutrition, sports injury management, yoga teaching, meditation, energy healing, energy medicine and spiritual healing.

I know my progression was all part of the universal plan and as the physical body became less of a focus, my preoccupation in healing the emotional body took over. I discovered I had a psychic intuitive gift that I’d held underwraps and it was about to become a huge part of my life and learning. Fast forward to today…my passion is to help people heal the mental, emotional, spiritual and (therefore) physical body. Simple things can make a life changing difference to your health and happiness and I hope that I can pass on some of this information during our retreat for you to use as things come up in your life that knock you sideways.

Sibylle is an accomplished athlete with a background in a wide variety of sports in her native Germany. After moving to the US in August 2000 with her husband and son, she achieved certifications in Group Fitness and began teaching classes at the local gyms and has travelled throughout the Carribean to offer classes at various hotels.

Since she had already a keen understanding in body mechanics she decided to learn more about the body and in May 2009 she graduated suma cum laude from the Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular Massage in Charlotte. Since then she has expanded her knowledge in different massage modalities and practices mostly Thai Yoga massage.
Check out Sibylle’s list of Instructional Experience. We are going to have SO much fun!

• Kickboxing  • Forza  • Pilates mat  • Pilates equipment  • Zumba  • Budokon  • Athletic Conditioning  • Step Aerobics  • Aqua Aerobics

Inclusive Package

Make a Move Retreat with full Vikasa board, April 1 – 8

  • All pricing is in Australian Dollars [AUD]
  • Accommodation is for 7 nights (1-8 April 2017)
  • Pricing includes, accommodation, two meals per day and all retreat activities.
  • Rooms will be allocated on a first in first served basis. Please note, there are a limited number of twin rooms available.
  • Airport pickup is available from Koh Samui airport only and costs 600 Baht one way.

Room Options

             1.  YOGA CAVES – $1750 AUD

             2.  BEACH BUNGALOW STANDARD: $1950 AUD [single person], $1750 per person AUD [double]

             3.  BEACH BUNGALOW SUPERIOR: $2150 AUD [single person], $1850 per person AUD [double or twin]

             4.  OCEAN STANDARD VILLAS (TWIN): $1900 AUD per person

             5.  OCEAN STANDARD VILLAS: $2250 AUD [single person], $1900 per person AUD [double]

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