These videos are a part of my training system. The system is very easy to use. There are about 20 short videos in total, they are all named “Vikasa Yoga Level I – *module name*.

Each video can be downloaded on Vimeo. After downloading, you can arrange the videos in a playlist. Modules can be combined in any order, so regardless of how you rearrange them, they will always flow as a continuous practice. You can start by practicing few modules a day, building up to more complete practice that will take 60+ minutes.

The advantage of this system, is that you do not need to follow the same routine every day. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to create various routines, just use the modules as building blocks, and you will not go wrong. Vikasa Yoga Level I is focusing on basic physical fitness and strengthening of the spine and major joints of the body. Enjoy this basic yoga system and share with friends and family.

Another note, the music in the background can be used for counting your breath. When you practice, count 4-5 beats as you inhale, and 4-5 beats as you exhale… try to become aware of your breathing pattern, and lengthen/deepen your breath. This concentration and control of breath will make it a real yoga practice, instead of just fitness.

Hope you enjoy this. Once you build up the necessary strength, you can follow my complete sequence videos, which are recorded during the teacher training practice sessions. Also check out my video on pranayamas.


Vikasa Yoga Level I

Warm Up Sequence
Badha Konasana and Bakasana Sequence
Iron Bridge, Halasana and Matsyasana Sequence
Forward Bending Sequence
Navasana (boat pose) Sequence
Core and Twist Sequence
Leg Balance Sequence, Ardha
Chandrasana, Virabhadrasana III
Salabhasana And Dhanurasana Extended Back Strengthening Sequence
Salabhasana Basic Back Strengthening Sequence
Side Plank Sequence
Seated Twist Sequence
Spider Variations Sequence
Vikasa Core Salutations Sequence
Plank Variations Sequence, scorpion preparation
Trikonasana Sequence
Warrior Sequence






Surya Namaskar
Sun Salutations
Surya Namaskar
Vikasa Yoga
Sequence 1
Sequence 1
Vikasa Yoga
Sequence 2
Sequence 2


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