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Experience Self-Exploration with Ecstatic Dance at Vikasa

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Experience Self-Exploration with Ecstatic Dance at Vikasa

This month, Vikasa is excited to announce a new weekly ecstatic dance event featuring world-renowned DJ Valente held in our beautiful White Sala starting this Saturday, September 8th. In perfect alignment with the Vikasa lifestyle, this event invites the evolution of self and humanity through the practices of yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing.

Valente, originally from Portugal, has led extraordinary musical experiences across the globe from the beaches of Algarve to the rooftops of London to our own beloved islands of Thailand. With 15 years of experience and a focus on the use of music from diverse cultures and nations, Valente has become more than simply a DJ and now works deeply with the energetic and healing power of music through both music therapy and Ecstatic Dance.

While it has recently gained more and more popularity, elements of ecstatic dance go back thousands of years to native cultures across the globe as healing ceremonies, rites of passage and tribal rituals. In contemporary times, these elements have come together and developed into a powerful and transformative journey of body, mind and spirit that encourages us to break down boundaries, reveal and unlock physical and energetic blockages and ultimately open the door to a deeper connection to the self as a whole. Those who have participated can attest to its ability to produce a wide array of benefits including deep pain release, liberation of emotional and mental patterns that no longer serve us and profound spiritual connection.

All events at Vikasa are held within a space of non-judgement, offering a safe and supportive sanctuary for guided self-exploration. Each of our ecstatic dance events will offer a lightly structured and community driven experience including a gentle warm up and soothing cool down for a holistic journey into deeper awareness. *Please note that this event is a drug and alcohol free form of expression.


Ecstatic Dance w/ DJ Valente
Saturday, September 8th
8:30pm at White Sala
Event is free with optional donation!


Join our 6pm yoga class, eat a delicious healthy dinner buffett at the Live Cafe then enjoy the Ecstatic Dance experience.

Special Price: ฿  790 / person
plus 7% VAT local taxes.

As we continue to expand our experience offering, please check out our class schedule here for the most up to date listings.