Handstand & Yoga Immersion

Handstand & Yoga Immersion

16 – 22 AUGUST, 2016
Prices Starting from $750

Twice daily sessions in dynamic vinyasa yoga asana and yin yoga. Experienced international teacher retreat suitable for all levels from the beginner to the super advanced. Morning sessions will challenge you physically and the evening sessions will restore and totally switch off the mind and body not to mention increase flexibility.


This Retreat should energise and relax you with vast improvements through energetic shifts, personal guidance study and practice. You should leave feeling calmer stronger energised and more flexible for sure. Take your practice to the next level lets go deep and challenge ourselves.

Morning sessions 8:30am to 10:45 am dynamic vinyasa yoga asana to energise strengthen awaken and work on technique.
Evening sessions 5.30pm to 7.30pm yin yoga to release and restore and for flexibility healing and intuition.

British born Elizabeth discovered yoga 17 years ago coming from a dance performance background. Having lost both her parents in her late teens she found the practice of yoga extremely healing, nourishing and supportive. Elizabeth has been teaching dynamic yoga asana and yin yoga practices for 12 years now and for the last 7 years around Europe and South East Asia. Elizabeth has been teaching for Vikasa yoga since the first shala opened 4 years ago. Constantly inspired by music,dance, love , freedom,art,travel,the ocean,meditation,philosophy, culture,nature,space and the unknown.

The Ying Yang Yoga Retreat takes place in Vikasa Yoga Retreat. Vikasa is a special place for completing a personalized program. The retreat offers many spaces to socialize as well as many hidden natural surroundings that offer solitude and peace. Koh Samui’s wellness-centric vibe is the perfect place to recover, revive and grow. Vikasa is the creation of yoga pioneer Konstantin Miachin, who created this unique place for personal evolution.It’s the ideal place to practice yoga, find like-minded people, eat healthy food or just chill-out in an amazing environment. Joining our community gives you access to daily yoga classes, yoga vacation packages, regular events and yoga teacher training as well as various healers and nutritional counseling. Experience the Vikasa lifestyle and feel the transformation of your daily life.

Extra personal guidance and tuition can be booked please contact for any extra private tuition requests and needs.