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Core Emotional Healing Retreat

Finally heal the source of your suffering and lack of fulfillment!
Experience profound healing with Elicia Miller, Founder of Core Emotional Healing and Doug Miller, PhD, Licensed Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist

1–6 December, 2017

Prices from: $2400 USD

Have you been struggling with chronic symptoms that just don’t seem to go away?
Are you having issues with food, relationships, work, or a lack of financial abundance?
Are you prone to emotional outbursts, numbing or stuffing your feelings?
Does it feel like you have tried every therapy, healing treatment, detox, and you still haven’t found the solution?

We know that dealing with these issues can be quite overwhelming and you may feel stuck. You know there is a better, more authentic version of yourself, but you just don’t know how to get there.

What if you could be supported through a deeper, more lasting healing process? This retreat is the answer you have been searching for!

Work with Elicia Miller, the founder of Core Emotional Healing and her husband, Doug Miller, PhD, Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist. Feel supported in an idyllic and expansive destination on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand, while staying at the healthful and nurturing retreat of Vikasa. This retreat is for those who want to heal their emotional wounds and negative conditioning of the past and step into greater personal freedom, clarity and empowerment. Finally, receive the relief from painful emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you in problematic relationship patterns, chronic physical and emotional symptoms, emotional eating and other addictions, a lack of fulfillment and direction, and more.

During this retreat you will release repressed emotions, heal, and reclaim lost aspects of yourself:

  • Begin to deeply heal childhood and family wounds and patterns
  • Realize and change your limiting beliefs that have kept you from fulfillment
  • Understand and correct how unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs are impacting your relationships, work, genuine fulfillment, and your gifts
  • Develop a healthier, more supportive relationship with your symptoms, body, food and triggers
  • Live from your authentic self
  • Learn to ask for what you want in a calm, clear, and confident manner
  • Open more to your intuition and reclaim your gifts

We will have a 2-hour group session after breakfast and a 3-hour group session before dinner in the open and private small sala, which is right next to the ocean! After lunch you will have an hour and half break during which you can enjoy your Traditional Thai Massage that comes with the retreat or do some journaling and processing.
In addition to the group sessions with Doug and Elicia, you will have the option to attend meditation and yoga classes offered by Vikasa. All meditation and yoga classes are held in an open yoga sala with expansive views of the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. These classes are public and optional – while not necessary, we recommend you take advantage of the yoga classes offered to help support your process and integration during our retreat.

What to expect in sessions:

Coming from a place of love and compassion, openness and transparency, Doug and Elicia create a very safe space right at the outset. While each person and group are different, we will quickly help identify the core issues that are present for you.

Guided by years of personal healing and professional experience, as well as our intuition, we will guide you through a deep healing process. Some of the approaches we use are experiential therapy, inner child work, family Psychodrama, Gestalt Psychotherapy, messages from your body, bodywork and Psychomotor Psychotherapy.

We help each person connect to the source of their suffering, as well as the limiting beliefs and associated stories that form the self-negating pattern. From there we help you to express and release the emotions that maintain the pattern. Then, we provide a corrective experience that helps you to experientially anchor in new self-affirming beliefs and expression. With this, you then proceed in greater clarity and authenticity to get what you really want.

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire that will begin to help us customize your healing experience. Individual sessions, prior to the retreat, with Doug and/or Elicia will help to maximize your benefit (at additional cost).

What’s Included:

  • Opening session Dec 1st after dinner
  • 2 experiential group sessions for 4 days with Doug and Elicia – 5 hours per day
  • Closing session Dec 6th before breakfast
  • Airport transport
  • 5 nights private accommodation in a standard or superior beach bungalow
  • 3 organic whole food buffet meals per day
  • 1 traditional Thai massage
  • Dream interpretation with Doug Miller PhD
  • 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and Bach flower remedies


Dec 1st Friday
18:30 – 19:20 – Dinner Buffet
19:30 – 21:00 – Opening

Saturday – Tuesday
07:00 – 08:00 – Pranayama/meditation class on weekend
07:00 – 08:00 – Yoga during the week
08:00 – 10:00 – Yoga during the weekend
09:30 – 10:20 – Brunch buffet
10:30 – 12:30/13:00 – Morning session
13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch buffet
14:00 – 15:30 – Break for massage and processing
15:30 – 18:30 – Afternoon session
18:30 – 20:30 – Dinner buffet

Dec 6th Wednesday Morning
08:00 – 09:30 – Closing
09:30 – 11:30 – Brunch Buffet


TeacherDoug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing for them, as well as great insight into their work with clients.

Elicia is the founder of Core Emotional Healing. She is gifted in seeing right to the heart of the matter, through her client’s defenses and stories while modeling the nurturing, empowered mother, lovingly helping them move through the healing process. Elicia has been deeply engaged in her own healing for 20 years, including in Thailand for 3 years and over 10 years of deep experiential work that helped her heal and understand the unconscious emotional wounds that caused her physical symptoms and relationship problems. Bringing her insights to others, she developed her Core Emotional Healing model.

Doug is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychologist working in the Mental Health Field for 35 years, with a lifelong calling to understanding and healing himself and others. His calling was as much personal as professional.  With his years of experience and intuition, he actively and quickly provides insights and healing formats customized for  clients for fulfilled and empowered living.  Through an insightful, creative, and intuitive process, with confirmation by the client, he helps them clearly identify the blocks that limit them and to reclaim lost aspects of themselves that stand in the way of their clarity and fulfillment.

Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches that truly work synergistically to help individuals and couples heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With their penetrating insight, grounded intuition, and experiential psychotherapy techniques, Doug and Elicia help their clients realize greater connection, intimacy and fulfillment.

Many of Elicia and Doug’s clients have engaged in various types of healing approaches including medical and spiritual, but because clients often bypass the embodied and emotional work, they have not healed.  By helping clients remove these emotional blocks that limit healing, the reconnection with their true selves brings with it inner guidance and gifts. Their focus on teaching clients how to use their intuitive skills and bring these gifts into their day-to-day life helps clients become empowered in the world and serve as models for others.
Doug and Elicia are based in Atlanta, GA, USA and travel around the world offering Core Emotional Healing retreats and training for practitioners.

Elicia’s website

Doug’s website

The Core Emotional Healing Retreat is also for healing professionals who are interested in learning to do this work with their clients. This retreat is the first step for the Core Emotional Healing Certification Program.

Great for yoga teachers, healers, coaches, therapists, and practitioners who are interested in becoming certified in Core Emotional Healing – qualify to enroll April 2018


Early Bird Pricing – Before Oct 15th – USD $1,875 Standard Bungalow / USD $1,975 Superior Bungalow

After Oct 15th – USD $2,400 Standard Bungalow / USD $2,500 Superior Bungalow

For further information to enroll in our CORE EMOTIONAL HEALING RETREAT fill out this form or contact Vikasa with the form below. Once you complete the form, you will be directed to the online schedule.

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