Triangle Pose

How to do Triangle Pose

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Utthita Trikonasana Say it like this: oo-TEE-Tah-tree-koh-NAH-suh-nah From the Sanskrit, utthita meaning extended, tri meaning three, kona meaning angle and asana meaning pose. Trikonasana is a beginner pose, one of …

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How to do Plank Pose

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Kumbhakasana: say it like this: koom-bahk-AHS-uh-nu The name comes from the Sanskrit words kumbhak meaning breath retention and asana which means pose. Plank Pose is a foundational pose and an …

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How to do Warrior 1

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Virabhadrasana Say it like this: veer-ah-bah-DRAHS-anna Meaning: Vira-Hero, Warrior, courageous and vigorous, Bhadra-Friend, good, auspicious. Asana-Pose. Virabhadrasana is a mythological character created by Lord Shiva, a Hindu God. This pose …