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Yoga Vacations in Thailand

Did you ever return from your vacation feeling like you need another? Stressful daily routines lead us to chose holidays which are the polar opposite of our everyday lives, such as a typical beach holiday. Unfortunately, once you return to work you may feel just as stressed as when you left. Why not try a vacation that challenges you to evolve and grow in meaningful ways? Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Thailand offers unique yoga vacation packages. Escape the 9-to-5 and join us in a very special place where you can focus on your personal growth and evolution, be it physical, mental or spiritual. yoga retreat book stay

A Perfect Retreat

The retreat is set in a spectacular ocean cliff-side environment which gives you breathtaking sea-views from every single spot, be it from the Yoga salas, rooms, infinity pool or restaurant. The lounge serves as a relaxing and sociable place to hang-out throughout the day.


Even if you’ve never participated in yoga before, you can enjoy the unique challenges presented as your body and mind soak up the healthy tropical paradise of Koh Samui. The extreme stresses of daily life fade away as you absorb healthy food, nourish your body with a great sleep every night and make new friends in our community. The perfect balance of health, fun, community and relaxation awaits.

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Yoga at Vikasa is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles, including our unique Vikasa style. Our beautiful open-air and ocean front yoga salas offer a serene setting with the soothing sound of the ocean in the background. Spend your days practicing yoga, eating healthy food, meditating and enjoying exciting local activities.

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You’re in control of your vacation schedule with free time to explore the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Our superb facilities and friendly staff will have you feeling fresh and recharged during your stay, a feeling that is sure to continue long after you leave our island paradise. More than yoga, we offer you inspiration and transformation.

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Once you come to Vikasa, you never really leave because the meaningful experience will stay with you long after you depart our paradise island. We will show you how to bring your transformation home to your daily life. Like the opposite of a hangover, the affects of the Vikasa lifestyle will linger on like a healthy glow. You’ll be inspired to make changes to your usual patterns and feel great during your daily life.

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A Unique Yoga Vacation

Vikasa is more than a resort, its an inclusive lifestyle experience. All our room rates incorporate everything you need to experience this lifestyle to the fullest and be inspired to take your new healthy routines home with you.

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Vikasa offers six room categories to fit various budgets and to suit a range of experiences. Find the one that is right for you. Room rates are all-inclusive and based on a per person occupancy.

  • Standard Beach Bungalow $110 per night, one guest / $150 per night, two guests.
  • Superior Beach Bungalow $130 per night, one guest / $170 per night, two guests.
  • Standard Ocean Room $140 per night, one guest / $190 per night, two guests.
  • Superior Ocean Room $160 per night, one guest / $210 per night, two guests.
  • Yoga Cave $90 per night, single occupancy only.
  • Zen Bungalow $80 per night, single occupancy only.

For more accommodation information and pictures please see our Accommodation section >> or Book Now >>

Room rates are all-inclusive of the following:

  • Accommodation at Vikasa on Koh Samui, Thailand.
  • Meditation class every morning at 8am.
  • Yoga class every morning at 9am.
  • Healthy brunch buffet at Vikasa Life Café.
  • Yoga class every evening at 6pm.
  • Healthy dinner buffet at Vikasa Life Café.
  • Additional yoga classes with a variety of styles.
  • Yoga mats and accessories.
  • Unlimited use of the fully equipped Sky Gym overlooking Chaweng Bay.
  • The Accommodation are not included 7% VAT.

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My Favorite Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Whether this is your first trip to a yoga retreat or it’s something you regularly do, your needs will be the same. You’ll be looking for somewhere to concentrate on your health, both physically and spiritually. Not the usual run-of-the mill vacation, but a truly immersive experience that involves a daily routine of health and wellness along with privacy and time to journey inward as well. Vikasa is the perfect place to travel on this journey in to yourself on your own terms and unlike many other yoga retreats, we value your privacy and personal space whenever it’s required. You might want to meditate on your own on a cliff overlooking the sea, or just relax with a book by our infinity pool. Or you might want to be alone in your own space and relax in your room. All of our accommodation gives you the opportunity to unwind and continue your progression towards a new you.

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Travel, Learn & Teach Yoga

By choosing Thailand we could not have found a better destination for our yoga retreat. The culture and environment is simply perfect for us to offer the very best yoga experience. When you travel here to learn how to teach yoga, you’ll find a place that is naturally all about the health of body and soul. You’ll become one with the environment and find new ways to show others a route to health and wellness. Unlike other retreats, we make everyone from beginners to experts feel completely at home and welcome. There are no special clothes required, no special equipment or even prior experience – just a willingness to learn and become involved. With our thorough teacher training course, you’ll find ancient and new ways to pass on your learning in the best ways possible.
Contact us at [email protected] with any questions regarding our yoga vacations, retreat facilities, news, spa offers or any other enquiries about the yoga vacation package.

yoga healing

The applications of Yoga for therapy are pretty much limitless. Look at any kind of yoga practice; poses, breathing or meditation. What is really happening? You are practicing being consciously aware of yourself and choosing how to be in that environment. The general therapeutic effect of any of these practices is that you become skilled at perceiving yourself presently, perhaps curious to discover if there is still yet some broader capacity for that perception and empowered by realizing that you can choose how to be in yourself with any situation, at any moment and in a way that is genuinely healing to your whole body-mind system. This healing will increase your senses and inner energy, which in turn creates a feedback loop, amplifying your ability to perceive yourself and the inter-connectivity of life. You can choose to be calm. You can choose to energize yourself. You can choose to love yourself and others unconditionally. Of course you may not feel that immediately, but you can choose to move in the right direction. The more aware you become of the relationship between these aspects – your breathing, mind and body (in movements or repose) – the more you realize how infinite you are. Yoga is a healing modality that creates balance and transformation. Sometimes people may become obsessive about how to heal from a certain ailment or malady. They focus so hard upon what ails them that their energy becomes consumed in a downward spiral. Through Yoga practice you expand your awareness to explore your boundaries. What is the mobility of my body? What is the capacity of this breath in this position? In? Out? How long before the tendencies of my mind interrupt my silence? This expansion of awareness is akin to taking stock on all your resources or being the manager of all your systems and behaviors. Healing which really lasts comes from the intelligence provided by observing yourself and choosing those things which you intuitively feel are bringing you towards well-being. As all things are connected, a positive change in one aspect of your life or relationships can lead to healing in another. Yoga teaches you the value of retreat, of rest, of times of reflection or of integrating your recent experience. This is the principle during the corpse pose that everyone loves at the end of a physical yoga practice. When you get in to yoga you’ll find your skill at relaxing increases. Relaxation is a skill, but it’s the skill of not doing anything. How do you stay ‘entertained’ when not doing anything? Observe yourself. Can you feel your heart beat? Can you feel your pulse in your veins? Can you feel it in your little toes? How about your nervous system? Maybe normally you don’t think of “feeling” your nervous system but how do you feel energetically; serene, agitated, sensitive, dull, blissful? As you observe these things and your own breathing can you feel subtle shifts in your mind? What was that? A thought, or something subtler? Going into these deep states of relaxation is tapping into the natural healing and restorative intelligences of your mind-body systems. These intelligences are the pro’s at this. They just need your attention and they get even better at what they were made for… to help you feel, give and receive love.