Supercharge Your Self Retreat 28 June – 3 July 2014

The Supercharge Your Self Retreat is a total and complete transformation retreat for your Body Mind and Soul in the delightful tropical paradise of Ko Samui.

  • Date: 28 June – 3 July 2014
  • Starting $ 1020  in Zen BungalowZ



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Supercharge Your Self Retreat

In just 5 days you have the opportunity to literally ‘Supercharge Yourself’ The process begins with our inclusive awesome Vikasa daily yoga, meditation and healthy food program; the back bone of Vikasa’s evolutionary spirit.  This is your gateway to a much happier and healthier lifestyle! You can relax settle in the day you arrive and then we start on day 1 with a complete comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  This tests the current state of your Body Mind and Soul and you also receive your ‘Supercharge Yourself ‘ journal to record your new health adventure. Actually we start a week before you arrive when we send you your food and nutrition profile to record before you arrive so we can develop the best Superfood nutrition program for you and take home with you! The following 4 days pare packed with a range of workshops and practical training sessions giving you powerful and easy to use tools, techniques and training routines to practice and learn:

  • A daily ‘Kickstart Your Day’ – KYD™ routine: This fires up your Body Mind and Soul – Ready to Seize the day! Very quick and easy… it takes only 12minutes!!
  • An introduction to powerful effective stretching techniques: Partner, Static, Kinetic, Deep Tissue, and PNF – You are much more flexible than you think you are.
  • A practical and take home ‘Live Energy & Superfood’ workshop: A real double game changer – A powerful detox program and Massive immune system booster!
  • Training Sessions: Crossfit, Amrap & Body Functional Training, Practical Self Defence,  Muay Thai, Super Circuits & Static Muscle Conditioning and Capoeira – The Ultimate Challenge!
  • Follow up Health & Fitness test: On your last day – Even in 5 days you can achieve massive change.
  • An introduction to Oolong Tea: A quick and very powerful practical way to energise your Body Mind and Soul using the 5 natural elements in your daily life.

The retreat tools, techniques and training routines are for YOU! Your Body, Mind and Soul all working together.  The best part is you don’t have to give up or radically change your entire life or lifestyle to continue enjoying the benefits of a much happier and healthier you..but you probably will want to!! The retreat and programs are designed so you can take it all home with you and this is your call. So if this sounds like you… Make the call!! It’s a big call for sure – Strictly limited to small group size maximum 11 persons so you get the maximum attention and benefit from our trainers and practitioners. Click on our program and teacher tabs for more information or contact me – Ronnie directly on and receive your own Supercharge Your Self journal now!

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You are welcome to arrive early or stay on and enjoy our complimentary morning yoga and breakfast on that day. *** The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher ***
      Teacher Ronnie
Ronnie Vee: With over 30 years experience and passion  as a Personal Trainer, Peak Performance Coach, Athletics Coach, Various Martial arts , Army and Outdoor Bootcamp Instructor, Jungle Expedition leader for Youth at Risk, Superfood and live Energy nutrition guide  and of course Yoga Instructor and Meditation practitioner!  Ronnie  has created a complete Mind, Body &  Soul ‘Supercharge Your Self’ program specifically for Vikasa J Having worked as an Expat engineer and consultant in Oil&Gas he also knows the stress, pressures and time limitations typical of hectic corporate lifestyle. His programs offer a range of quick and effective tools, techniques and training routines you can easily apply and integrate in your current lifestyle – and enjoy a much happier and healthier You!  The best part is it does not have to take a lot time or huge effort AND you do not have to give up on all of your ‘not so healthy’ comfort habits!! All programs include a detailed analysis and breakdown of your daily lifestyle, nutrition, movement & exercise your mind focus and ingrained habits. By including all of this detail and having this knowledge and awareness to change what does not serve you best, you can then create your own best program; literally ‘Supercharging’ your Body Mind and Soul!  “A way of living that quickly gets your Body, Mind and Soul in a ‘Peak State’ –  It just feels really good and you have total control how you create your life and react  AND enjoy the process!” At 48 fitter, happier and healthier than ever before and having successfully and naturally overcome an abusive childhood, conquered 2 crippling auto immune ‘dis-eases’ with no known current medical cure; this provided the fuel for the passion to help others and he knows from his own experience how to successfully and naturally find a better way in life and maintaining a healthy balance and lifestyle! Most importantly having worked for long periods with large groups and many 1on1 clients from all walks of life, he knows what type of program works best for the individual and their current set of circumstances and conditions.  That is in a nutshell what ‘Supercharge Your Self’ all about J A man on a mission with a huge passion and burning desire to serve, help others and make things better for all involved , on these programs you will also have the opportunity to make a real and genuine active altruistic contribution to a good cause in need if you dare to go the extra mile J  An action and experience beyond words of delight for you and all involved!  
Nicola: A Conscious Approach to Nutrition and Wellbeing:  Certified as a nutrition consultant in 2000, Nicola has spent the last 15 years studying, practicing and sharing her experiences with different diets and nutrition theories. Her journey has led her to understand certain fundamentals about food, which she believes anyone interested in nourishing optimal levels of health and wellbeing ought to know.

  1. The first fundamental is that a lot of what we think is healthy and good for us, is actually fuelling the breeding grounds of disease.
  2. The second fundamental is that each individual is exactly that, individual. What may be a strengthening diet for one person could be detrimental for another.
  3. The third fundamental is that diet is not static. As your physical, emotional, mental and physical states evolve, so will your diet.

As the old adage goes, ‘you are what you eat’. Our food choices have a direct affect on many aspects of our lives since when our bodies are unclean and full of toxicity, often our minds are busy and full of chatter. This leads to our emotions being buried deep away, causing our souls to be ungrounded in our bodies. Under these conditions, we make choices at an unconscious level, choices that reflect and reinforce our bodies health.   The good news is that, just as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states affect the foods we choose, we can conversely use food as a means to nourish and balance these same states. This is achieved through understanding how the food choices we currently make act to either heal or hinder our overall health. By understanding the unique way in which we metabolise nutrients we can identify which foods act to nourish our unique constitution, and by consciously choosing to become more aware of the food choices we make we can thus learn how they affect our overall wellbeing. Learn about:

  • Food Combining and Sequential Eating
  • Live, Plant Based Eating Practices
  • Alkalisation
  • Metabolic Individuality
  • Conscious Eating Practices
  • Caloric Requirements
  • Super Foods
  • Detox and Fasting Programs

  Teacher Bert
Trainer and Teacher: Bert LIntschoten  ”A Mountain of a Man with a heart of Gold!”:  This is a wonderful opportunity to get an insight in the art of self-defence from a master of martial arts; with many years of training and teaching martial arts experience. His professional career included working in a prison and an asylum for the criminal insane. He also was on active duty on many private security contracts.  He has retired on Samui and teaches there the noble art of self-defence in a friendly, non-combatant way and environment. Here you can really learn from a master with real practical experience not just text book training or simulated attacks. You will learn and discover that self-defence is about state of mind, timing and awareness; not just the use of brute strength.  He will demonstrate quite the contrary actually! One of his specialties is based on the amazing art of Aikido who makes use of the attackers force and energy to neutralise a threatening situation with or without out causing any harm as dependent of the situation. The 90 minute introduction workshop, (with a short break in the middle), is conducted outside his home, in real life situations and an outdoor setting. He will cover several common forms of attack, including; 1 Single hand to the neck 2 Double hands to neck 3 Pushing and grabbing 4 Wrist lock and grip 5 Object and knife attacks (using blunt wooden training knives and wooden stick) Useful practical techniques who are fairly easy to learn and remember, the training is carried out at his large open garden back yard,(weather permitting), adding even more value and reality to this awesome experience as well as getting an authentic taste of the local life here on Samui. Axe trained for many years with Shihan G. Janssen, holder of 5th Dan Aiki-Ninpo.  Aiki-Ninpo is a fusion of Aikido, Ninjutsu and Kempo. The most effective elements from these three Martial Art-forms were fused by Sensei Janssen who holds 13 black Belts in these three disciplines together. He also adds effective elements from other Martial Arts such as Krav Maga, Kyusho and other forms. Teaching the art of self-defence; NOT attacking! His specialty is teaching rather simple, but very effective techniques that can be used to discourage any attacker that wishes to do harm you. Either discourage him or take him out, the choice is yours.  
  Teacher Muay Thai
Muay Thai Trainers: PiTu: PiTu is a traditional Muay trainer experienced with old school style of Muay Thai Chaya. He first began training at 8 years old in the Surat Thani province practicing kicks and blocks barefoot and bare chin against banana trees! He’s now 48 years old with over 250 title fights now he shares his passion as a trainer. The special skills you can learn with him are the use of distance and the use push kick & kicks. He also still works as a referee here on koh samui. Twice a week at Chaweng stadium you can see him in action. PiJung is also a traditional Muay Thai Chaya trainer an began training at 7 years old; he’s now 49 years old with over 150 title fights under his belt. Like PiTu he grew up old style training in the jungle!  His special skills are close combat using elbow and clinching techniques. Both PiJung and PiTung hold professional training and referee diploma’s and with them you have the amazing opportunity to really learn and experience the amazing Traditional Muay Thai experience and continue to use them in your cardio boxing crossfit and self defence routines! Selim (Availability subject to timing) Selim is a highly experienced black belt and qualified karaté, judo & krav maga teacher and trainer. Withover 20 years experience in practical martial arts training and teaching Selim has combined all three in an incredible training routine and program that gives you a complete and total body and mind workout similar to a crossfit workout intensity and at same time learn some powerful self defence techniques.
Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Thailand is a boutique yoga resort and organic restaurant. Vikasa offers an inspiring yoga environment created by Konstantin Miachin. Experience the Vikasa lifestyle and feel the transformation to your daily life.

Summary Content  Supercharge Your Self Retreat:

  • 5 nights stay at Vikasa Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand including all facilities
  • Two yoga classes daily
  • 5 meditation sessions daily ( 3 Exclusive)
  • Two healthy meals daily
  • Daily Freshly Squeezed Super juices and Super shakes with boosters
  • 1 Complete individual ”Body Mind & Soul’ assessment with Chakra charts
  • 2 Comprehensive Health & Fitness Tests & take home program
  • 1 Practical Superfood and Life Energy food workshop
  • 1 Practical Stretching techniques Workshop
  • 1 Mauy Thai training session
  • 1 Crossfit & Amrap training workshop
  • 1 Introduction to Capoeira
  • 1 Practical Self Defense workshop
  • 2 Traditional Oolong Tea Ceremonies
  • Take home ‘Kickstart Your Day’ Routines
  • Optional Island Tour and detailed hair follicle analysis

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Program cost without room $600

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