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The Spa at Vikasa

The Vikasa Spa offers a range of comforting services that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. We specialize in authentic Thai massage, as well as offering Swedish and Indian styles as well. We use quality organic and locally manufactured products for our scrubs, facials and skin treatments. Our Spa is open-air and constructed on a stunning ocean cliff-side. Our signature Thai Yoga Massage emphasizes the assisted stretching that is a smaller part of most Thai massage and enhances your yoga training by increasing flexibility. Make your hotel stay extra relaxing with a treatment at the Vikasa Spa Koh Samui.

SPA Open Daily from 9AM to 8PM

Asian Rituals

An invigorating, rhythmic oil massage where you may expect deep firm pressure using the thumbs, elbows and knees, accompanied by signature Thai rolling and stretching movements. This massage specifically works to stimulate the flow of energy and unblock meridian (sen) lines so that the body can rebalance and clear negative energy and fully recharge.

900THB/60 minutes or 1,350THB/90 minutes

Thai Yoga Massage 
Developed by a massage master who is also an expert yogi, this version of Thai massage emphasises the assisted stretching that is a smaller part of most Thai massage. This signature treatment may also enhance your yoga training by increasing flexibility.

800THB/60 minutes 1,200THB/90 minutes 1,500THB/120 minutes

Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic treatment which instills a deep sense of relaxation in the recipient and helps reduce the symptoms of stress, fatigue and jet lag. After a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage, warm, organic coconut oil is massaged through your hair, improving the condition and health of your locks. A sensuous, healing and rejuvenating delight!

900/60 minutes

This treatment is a real treat for tired feet! 
As well as encouraging the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the feet and limbs, this unique massage stimulates the body’s self-healing system, restores homeostasis and puts the bounce back in your step.

700THB/60 minutes

Centuries ago, a dynamic therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda was born in the temples of Thailand. In this unique healing system, a therapist guides you through a series of postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. When combined these actions help relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, and rebalance the body’s energy centres. This technique is considered to be the elite massage experience amongst seasoned massage guests.

600THB/60 minutes 900THB/90 minutes 1,200THB/120 minutes

Face and Body Rituals

Our 5 step facial features white orchid extracts to gently cleanse and nourish the skin leaving behind a more youthful complexion. Light and perfect for the tropics!

1,200THB/60 minutes

Who said facials were for girls? Besides shaving, men’s faces are roughened by years of sun and wind aggression with usually not as much care as they deserve. Now is the time to get back on track! Thoroughly cleanse and nourish your skin in preparation for a healthy holiday glow!

1,200THB/60 minutes

Rediscover your natural, radiant glow by whisking away dull, dry skin and nourishing your body’s envelope with our gentle, full body scrub. Choose from sensuous rose, miraculous Thai Tanaka or delicious coconut & coffee jojoba bead scrub. The treatment is followed by a gentle application of nourishing lotion, moisturizer or oil to restore the skin’s natural balance.

1,200THB/60 minutes

Allow our therapist to envelope you in a nourishing cocoon of white clay, infused with either orange blossom or green tea essential oils, leaving your body feeling thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and delicately fragranced. The treatment is followed by a gentle application of nourishing lotion.

1,200THB/60 minutes

Massage Rituals

Experience sheer indulgence for your body and mind by connecting with one of the four elements in this soothing aromatic massage. Select one of our exclusive essential oil blends to benefit from their influence on your character and natural abilities. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and allow your sense of smell to help choose your healing scent.

1,100THB/60 minutes or 1,600THB/90 minutes

A classic massage to relieve deep muscle tension and pain, improve circulation and reduce stiffness after lots of yoga! The treatment is performed with nourishing coconut oil to soothe and soften your skin.

900THB/60 minutes or 1,350THB/90 minutes

A tailor-made treatment that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body, by using firm pressure and deep, slow strokes. This massage is used to rehabilitate injured muscles, reduce chronic pain and relieve stress wherever you need it most.

1,000THB/60 minutes

This massage is suitable for anyone who is looking to reduce tension or complaints in the back, neck and shoulder areas, in particular. It will help to combat the stress of every day life. We use either Thai herbal balm or coconut oil, depending on your preference.

900THB/60 minutes

This treatment works to release the stronghold cellulite develops on the body’s tissue by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. Fat deposits are broken down by stretching and relaxing the areas where cellulite is most prevalent. For optimum smoothing and sculpting results, we recommend clients book a minimum of 3 sessions.

900THB/45 minutes or 3 sessions for 2,600THB

Spa Etiquette

Unlike the West where spa treatments are given in private settings, many of our services are offered in the traditional Thai way—in an environment of community. While you may share the spa sala with one or two other guests during your treatment, rest assured that you will be able to maintain complete modesty, and enjoy semi-private screening from other guests. In Thai tradition, many of the services are performed on comfortable mats on the floor.

If you would prefer more privacy, our spa has one double, air-conditioned treatment room and two private outdoor pagodas overlooking the sea. Please request the location you would prefer when you make your booking.
To make a reservation, please e mail: [email protected] or call: 077-422-232. If you are an in house guest, you may make a reservation in person at our main reception or spa reception. To ensure that your preferred time and service is available, we encourage advance reservations. We also request that you confirm which treatments you would like at the time of booking or at least one day prior to your reservation.
Please inform staff at the time of booking if you are pregnant or if you have any health issues.
As a courtesy, please provide minimum notice of 12 hours (the day before) your scheduled service to make changes or cancel your appointment. No-shows and appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed in full.
Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, you run the risk of your treatment time being reduced.
In effort to assist you in leaving behind the cares of the world, we respectfully ask that you turn off cell phones and any other devices that might take away from a fully relaxing experience.
Shaving is not recommended prior to any body exfoliation treatments. However, we do suggest that men shave three or more hours before a facial treatment for optimal results.
If you wish to tip your therapist you may do so directly.

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Evolution Special

Combine any 3 treatments or massages to create your own custom spa experience and save 15% on the regular price. A great way to try a variety of treatments and feel pampered.

Wellness & Massage Koh Samui

While you have probably been keeping an eye open for different super foods, detox theories, or other healing magic bullets that might be out there, hopefully you haven’t overlooked one of the most powerful and available methods of healing, touch. Touch is an intimate phenomenon. When enough pressure to the skin stimulates the sense organs underneath, they send a signal to the central nervous system which is experienced as “touching” with something.+

The sensation can be read as having different qualities; soft, hard, smooth, delicate, clumsy and so on. Of course it’s not just tactile information that is experienced. The qualities of touch cue emotional and physiological response as well. Human touch takes it to a whole new level. All objects carry a “current” or charge to them but there is none so beneficially powerful in affect as the welcome touch of another human being. There is the bonding aspect which creates a release of being-health supporting hormones but there is actually much, much more to the healing powers of touch. The charge of another bio-electromagnetic human body that is welcome to come close, or touch, offers valuable feedback through relativity to the state of one’s own energetic systems. Even more amazingly is that through intention and the willful stepping in to of “giving” and “receiving” roles this flow of energy becomes more direct and notably therapeutic. This is the general premise of Reiki healing, except that in Reiki the practitioner is functioning as a conduit for larger energy systems, ie. universal.

If Reiki seems too ‘far out’ for you, Thai massage, offered at the Vikasa Spa or in your hotel room, is a more grounded alternative. Thai massage works much like Yoga Asana practice, applying pressure to the body in different positions, emphasizing blood circulation in certain areas, and assisting the movement of lymph fluid. While you might normally think of the cliché image of drifting off dreamily while receiving massage, just like yoga practice, the benefits are increased notably when you breathe in sync to the movements of the masseuse and stay alert, yet relaxed, like meditation. Try practicing being subtly responsive to the massage. Have a hyper awareness of not only the point of contact but the resulting chain of tissue movement leading to the point of contact and how and where it plays out in your body. Depending on the technique used, say for example in a seated position being massaged from the back, it may be even good to engage stabilizing core muscles. There is also a relationship aspect that is built between you and your masseuse, whether it’s one session or years of patronage.

While receiving Thai massage you can focus on taking your longest slowest deepest breaths. If there is a place the masseuse is working that is especially tight or tense for you, utilize your exhale during the deep tissue pressure. This is also very good during the back massage portion. It can really help to invigorate and cleanse deeper lunge tissues if you breath out steadily while pressure is applied onto the back of the ribcage. Sometimes you can also try breathing out longer and longer and longer….and longer! Having some yoga experience does help, check up Ujjayi breathing and try it during your next massage. Your masseuse will be amazed at how long your breath lasts and the metamorphosis of your thoracic volume!

Practicing Yoga in Thailand then has a great advantage. Massage is prevalent, affordable, and arguably one of the best styles of massage in the world for its holistic comprehensiveness and obvious affects.