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The Spa at Vikasa

The Vikasa Spa offers a range of comforting services that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. We specialize in authentic Thai massage, as well as offering Swedish and Indian styles as well. We use quality organic and locally manufactured products for our scrubs, facials and skin treatments. Our Spa is open-air and constructed on a stunning ocean cliff-side. Our signature Thai Yoga Massage emphasizes the assisted stretching that is a smaller part of most Thai massage and enhances your yoga training by increasing flexibility. Make your hotel stay extra relaxing with a treatment at the Vikasa Spa Koh Samui.

Yoga and Masssage Koh Samui

Did you know that yoga and massage are the perfect combination? They go together like breathing and air. Feel the soft sea spray and hear the waves crashing on the rocks as you enjoy being pampered by one of our expert therapists. A trip to tropical Koh Samui wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Vikasa Spa Koh Samui and Resort.

Spa Treatment Menu

Our 5-step facial features white orchid extracts which are gentle, light to the touch and perfect for the tropics.

Feeling trapped inside scaly skin? The neighboring Burmese swear by the miraculous thanaka bark powder, or choose the sensuousness of rose.

Liberate your radiant glow.

Salt crystals will treat scaly skin and calluses and fresh mint will awaken your tired feet. Walk away happy after this luxurious scrub.

Wonderful for sunburn and also a very effective way to moisturize and revive dry scaly skin after too much dryness and cold. Includes a gentle hand and foot massage.

Sluggish lymphatic systems let toxins swell in your epidermal layer. Organic jojoba extract, vitamin E and skillful massage techniques help to flush out toxins, making you smooth and sleek again. For best results book 2 or 3 sessions.

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Evolution Special

Combine any 3 treatments or massages to create your own custom spa experience and save 15% on the regular price. A great way to try a variety of treatments and feel pampered.

Spa Massages at Vikasa

Thai massage is designed to open the nadis (zen in Thai) and let the prana circulate evenly throughout the body.

Longer is better!

Developed by a massage master who is also an expert yogi, this version of Thai massage emphasizes the assisted stretching that is a smaller part of most Thai massage and enhances your yoga training by increasing flexibility.

Pure essential oils are gently applied to your skin to nurture your entire system. Choose one of our four essential element aroma therapy oils: air, water, earth, or fire.

Classic Swedish massage releases deep muscle tension – to get you ready for more yoga!
A luxurious coconut oil blend will soothe and soften your skin.

Perfect for jet lag or sleeping problems. Your scalp is rubbed, warm oil is poured on your head and your hair is gently pulled. A sensuous delight with real therapeutic qualities.

Wellness & Massage Koh Samui

While you have probably been keeping an eye open for different super foods, detox theories, or other healing magic bullets that might be out there, hopefully you haven’t overlooked one of the most powerful and available methods of healing, touch. Touch is an intimate phenomenon. When enough pressure to the skin stimulates the sense organs underneath, they send a signal to the central nervous system which is experienced as “touching” with something.+

The sensation can be read as having different qualities; soft, hard, smooth, delicate, clumsy and so on. Of course it’s not just tactile information that is experienced. The qualities of touch cue emotional and physiological response as well. Human touch takes it to a whole new level. All objects carry a “current” or charge to them but there is none so beneficially powerful in affect as the welcome touch of another human being. There is the bonding aspect which creates a release of being-health supporting hormones but there is actually much, much more to the healing powers of touch. The charge of another bio-electromagnetic human body that is welcome to come close, or touch, offers valuable feedback through relativity to the state of one’s own energetic systems. Even more amazingly is that through intention and the willful stepping in to of “giving” and “receiving” roles this flow of energy becomes more direct and notably therapeutic. This is the general premise of Reiki healing, except that in Reiki the practitioner is functioning as a conduit for larger energy systems, ie. universal.

If Reiki seems too ‘far out’ for you, Thai massage, offered at the Vikasa Spa or in your hotel room, is a more grounded alternative. Thai massage works much like Yoga Asana practice, applying pressure to the body in different positions, emphasizing blood circulation in certain areas, and assisting the movement of lymph fluid. While you might normally think of the cliché image of drifting off dreamily while receiving massage, just like yoga practice, the benefits are increased notably when you breathe in sync to the movements of the masseuse and stay alert, yet relaxed, like meditation. Try practicing being subtly responsive to the massage. Have a hyper awareness of not only the point of contact but the resulting chain of tissue movement leading to the point of contact and how and where it plays out in your body. Depending on the technique used, say for example in a seated position being massaged from the back, it may be even good to engage stabilizing core muscles. There is also a relationship aspect that is built between you and your masseuse, whether it’s one session or years of patronage.

While receiving Thai massage you can focus on taking your longest slowest deepest breaths. If there is a place the masseuse is working that is especially tight or tense for you, utilize your exhale during the deep tissue pressure. This is also very good during the back massage portion. It can really help to invigorate and cleanse deeper lunge tissues if you breath out steadily while pressure is applied onto the back of the ribcage. Sometimes you can also try breathing out longer and longer and longer….and longer! Having some yoga experience does help, check up Ujjayi breathing and try it during your next massage. Your masseuse will be amazed at how long your breath lasts and the metamorphosis of your thoracic volume!

Practicing Yoga in Thailand then has a great advantage. Massage is prevalent, affordable, and arguably one of the best styles of massage in the world for its holistic comprehensiveness and obvious affects.