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Vikasa Life Café is a unique and healthy restaurant on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Eating wholesome and healthy food is part of our lifestyle philosophy at Vikasa. We’ve formulated a signature cuisine, combining healthy ingredients with pure indulgence for you to savor while enjoying the breathtaking views and friendly service from our famous terrace. Vikasa serves a wide variety of food styles to suit different dietary needs; we offer vegan-friendly, international, fusion, western, raw and non-vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the evolution of food at Vikasa and join us whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Vikasa Life Café is open everyday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.

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Just as our yoga approach is always evolving, so we are constantly experimenting with food preparation and creating new amazing tastes for you to try. Our food is creative, fresh, colorful, fully flavored and balanced. We use only the best ingredients available, including organic produce whenever possible. We also have an excellent selection of freshly squeezed tropical juices and smoothies with no additives.

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Our menu was designed with an open mind. No matter if you’re a vegetarian, a low carb, a high protein, a pescatarian, a lacto-ovatarian or a whatever-tarian, we are confident you can find something you love on our menu. All our dishes are created with your health in mind, perfectly portioned and balanced with both flavor and nutrition.

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We believe you deserve to know what’s inside your food, which is why we use only the best ingredients. We strive to source organic produce whenever possible, and even grow some of our own in our organic garden. The ingredients we do buy locally are fair trade and never have any additives or preservatives.

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Why not host your next event in a spectacular setting with plenty of seating and space for dinner, cocktails, dancing or lounging. We offer catered food and drink options with personalized menus for your function including a delicious range of vegetarian and meat dishes, Thai and international food. We love the atmosphere an event brings to our community and strive to make your event special, unique and fun.

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In addition to other influential creators, our featured raw food chef Boris Lauser from Berlin designed many of our delicious menu items. While our menu offers a range of healthy food including non vegetarian options, Boris’s raw delights are both vegan and raw. Raw means that the creations are not heated over 42 degrees and therefore retain all of their healthy vitamins and minerals. Integrating raw dishes to a healthy diet will help you attain a strong flexible body to support your yoga practice. Boris has been working with raw foods for over 5 years, teaching seminars and organizing dinner events worldwide. He has also complemented his education with further training at the world’s best gourmet raw food culinary school.

The Vikasa chill out lounge is a cozy open air den with a spectacular view of the ocean. Pull up one of our plush bean bags and sink into a poof of relaxation as you chat away with like minded people and sip on something delicious. Join one of our events in the chill lounge featuring guest speakers and local musicians.

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Life Café Dining Menu

Bruschetta Crush: Roasted multi-grain bread rubbed with garlic, tomato, herbs and extra-virgin oil / Casa Guacamole: Delicate avocado dip served in a ripe papaya ring with flaxseed wafers. / Chips and Dips: Crispy flaxseed wafers, sliced veggies and cashew dill dip./ Chinese Dumplings with Plum Sauce: Carrot or beetroot cashew mince, wrapped in soft chewy rice paper.

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Vi-Greek Salad: Our legendary take on the classic Greek salad with olives and feta cheese. / Angry Bird: Grilled chicken over caesar salad with our own raw coconut mayo dressing. / Thai Sensation Green mango salad with juicy grilled fish and prawn. / Crunchy Ginger Teriyaki Almond: Fresh leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, and veggies topped off with a handful of crunchy almonds, flavored with ginger, dates.

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Salmon Special: Fried rice with grilled salmon, avocado, and mushroom. / Fish of the Day: A generous fillet steamed to perfection with Thai tomato herb sauce. Raw Creamy Thai Noodles with Teriyaki Almonds: Vegetable and seaweed noodles tossed in a ginger mango sauce / Weapon of Choice: Mouth watering chicken fillet served with hearty fried potatoes.

Tom Yum: Thai spicy soup, our chef’s specialty with veggies and shrimp / Tom Kha: Traditional coconut soup with veggies, chicken or shrimp. / Khaw Tom Kung: Light, mild and stomach friendly Thai rice soup with shrimp. / Pumpkin Soup: Hearty pumpkin soup, delicious and heart-warming. / Tomato Soup: A light creamy and tangy tomato soup.

Vikasa offers a wide range of healthy beverages for your sipping pleasure. Locally sourced herbs and roots provide delicious and homeopathic infusions such as ginger, lemongrass and betel fruit. Our organic fruit and vegetable juices are a great kickstart to your day or a thirst quenching addition to one of our delicious meals.

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Magic Banana Ice Cream: Made magically with no milk, cream or sugar. Served with berries and raw chocolate sauce. / Cashew Cookies: Are a great way to enjoy coffee or tea. Rich nutty chocolate flavor. Vive la crepe: French style pancake with sliced banana and a generous swirl of chocolate sauce / Mango & Sticky Rice: The traditional Thai dessert of sliced ripe mango, sticky white rice and coconut milk.

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Our Healthy Buffet

It’s easy to be healthy and feel the transformation of the Vikasa lifestyle when you nourish yourself with two healthy buffets everyday. You’ll have an abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables, amazing creative dishes and a selection of raw food to choose from. The healthy buffet at Vikasa Life Cafe is open to the public every morning and evening. It is inclusive in all category room rates for our in-house guests. Enjoy your meal on our terrace with a breathtaking view of the pristine ocean, or curl up in the sanctuary of our chill out lounge, dotted with comfy beanbags and familiar faces.

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We source local fresh and organic ingredients for our buffet whenever possible. Our eggs come from a village in the north of Thailand near Chiang Rai. The local hillside tribe raises free range chickens who lay organic eggs. We hope our buffet breakfast will give you the energizing start you need to fully enjoy your day at Vikasa.

Our creative and mouthwatering dinner buffet offers a range of Thai, international, vegetarian, raw and even meat dishes. We strive to make a large variety of yummy healthy food so everyone can find a few dishes that excite their pallet and fit their unique healthy lifestyle. Weather you’re a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a carnivore or a whatever-a-tarian, you’ll love the buffets at Life Café.

Organic Garden Project

Modern society’s largely unquestioned belief is that industrial food is the norm. Not so long ago before the dawn of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and technology that allowed for massive yields of crops and meat, there was simply food. There was no such thing as health food or organic food. Eating healthy food with honest origins is great for your health and wellbeing. We encourage our community to join us in making an effort to buy local, buy fresh, choose organic whenever possible and share your knowledge with others.

We believe food is part of a cycle that begins with honest origins. Being conscious about our bodies and our planet means caring about where our food comes from and how it was made. Our organic garden project is still in its infancy stage but we are striving to grow more of our own organic vegetables to use in our amazing salads and other dishes.

Soak up the early morning sunshine as you get your hands dirty in the nutrient rich soil. Making things grow can be a wonderfully healing process and help you feel connected to the earth and the cycle of life. In a world where food is increasingly available by the can, bottle or box, its a wholesome reminder of how much effort really goes into making “real” food.

As our organic garden project grows, we plan to employ local Thai farmers who often come from generations of farm families from the rural provinces. They have an engrained sense of the local climate and biology. They offer an abundance of learning experiences about the Thai way of farming.

When we talk about consciousness, it is not only applicable to yoga or philosophy. It is also important to raise our awareness about everyday acts. The impact on your physical health, your mental clarity and your overall mood and happiness can make a big difference in your life. Eating from a place of gratitude inspires consciousness of the cycles that make the joys of food possible in the first place.

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A Delicious Dinner Experience

As you become aware of body feedback such as energy level, enthusiasm, digestion, and zest for living you will often find the connection between energy and food. If your food is providing you with the right nutrients, you will feel it. You will connect to a place deep within that is radiantly alive and realize what balance and harmony feel like. Over-eating, under-eating, or indulging on Prana-deprived foods can make you feel sluggish and tired.

Food combining is based on the theory that different food groups are digested optimally when eaten in optimal combinations. The digestion of proteins, however, requires stomach acid and if proteins and starches are combined, the digestive environment is neither acid or alkaline enough for either group to be absorbed well. Many proponents of the food combining diet believe that this can lead to health problems such as poor digestion.Meals which focus on either proteins or starches should be eaten at separate times. Proteins can be easily digested with vegetables and starches can also be combined with vegetables. Fruits should ideally be eaten alone as a snack.

Most restaurants you go to these days are offering bigger and bigger options for your buck. Naturally, we feel that getting more for less is always the best option, but when it comes to our energy levels, sometimes less is more. The portions at Vikasa Life Cafe are generous on Prana rich foods like salads, and modest on treat foods such as our raw cheese cakes or raw chocolates. Indulge in a range of healthy options trusting our perfectly portioned plates.


Raw food is defined as have not been heated above 46 degrees and made with as little processing as possible. Foods cooked above this temperature sometimes lose nutritional value, whereas uncooked foods provide living enzymes and proper nutrition. There are many benefits to eating raw foods, including weight loss, more energy, clear skin, improved digestion and improved overall health.Raw food can be incorporated into a diet mixed with cooked foods and other healthy options. It’s not necessary to be dogmatic about food choices to receive their benefits. Vikasa Life Cafe offers many raw food choices as well as cooked options. Come to Life Cafe and see how delicious raw food can be.

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It’s easy to eat healthy when you’re at Vikasa, but what about when you get back home? We love to share our knowledge about food and health and we hope you’ll take some of the Vikasa lifestyle back to your everyday life. We offer several food focused retreats and events every year as well as nutrition consultations and access to our network of nutrition specialists.

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We’re so honored that so many of our patrons have inquired about our recipes. We would love to share everything we know with our community.Vikasa Life Cafe is pleased to announce that our very own cookbook will soon be underway and ready for purchase in the Life Cafe or by mail order via our website. If you enjoy eating at Life Cafe you can bring that joy to your very own table.


Discounts at our Restaurant Koh Samui

As a valued customer, you can enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions. Apply for the Vikasa VIP program and enjoy up to 20% off at Vikasa Life Café. Give the gift of healthy food and a relaxing view. Gift Certificates are available for purchase and can be used at Vikasa Life Café or the other facilities at Vikasa Yoga Retreat. When you spend time at Vikasa Yoga Retreat you can meet like minded members of the community who also frequent our facilities and cafe. Familiar faces and friendly spirits help to make Vikasa such a special place.VIP status is based on your involvement in our social media activities such as Facebook, blogs, instagram and twitter. Share your experiences with others and tell them what Vikasa means to you. Vikasa VIP-Member >>

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Vikasa Life Café is located at Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand. We are located on the ring road, between Lamai beach and Chaweng Noi beaches on the east side of Koh Samui island. We are on the ocean side, just opposite the Sky Gym and next to Koh Samui Cliff View Hotel. Join us for casual dining, light fare or a smoothie on your way home from the beach. We are open from 9am to 9pm everyday. Reservations are not required, feel free to make Vikasa Life Cafe your second home or curl up with your laptop on one of our comfy bean bags and make it your second office. We know you have a vast selection of hotels and restaurants to choose from on Koh Samui and we thank you for your patronage.