Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time on Koh Samui is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Enjoy the natural energy of palm trees, white sand, purple sunsets, turquoise waters, dense jungle, and exotic waterfalls. Despite being so easily accessible, Samui remains an idyllic island in the sun.

Paradise Island

The climate on Koh Samui Thailand is perfectly suited for lounging on the beach and sipping a locally grown coconut. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit which is warmer than most people are accustomed to, so be sure to drink plenty of water and take rest after being in the sun.

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Koh Samui is easily reached via an increasing number of direct international flights and over a dozen daily 1-hour flights from Bangkok. Arrive easily with a direct flight from any Asian hub on Bangkok Airways. Our award winning airport will receive you with a selection of shopping and eating options making flying in or out of Samui a breeze. If you’re traveling on a budget, and feeling brave, you can also reach the island via ferry from the mainland Thai city of Surat Thani. Be sure to check ferry times as the schedules are sometimes limited. Vikasa is just a fifteen minute drive from the Samui Airport. Airport pick-up is provided but not complementary for all guests, please for more information get in contact with us.

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Life’s a Beach

If you ask ten different locals which beach is their favorite, you would get ten different answers. The truth is, Samui has such a diverse selection of beaches you’re bound to find your own favorite. Although completely secluded and private, Vikasa is just minutes away from beautiful beaches such as Chaweng Noi, Coral Cove and Silver Beach, and also just a short drive from the most popular and busy shopping and dining areas of Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut.

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Is the largest and most popular of Samui’s beaches. Chaweng offers lots of shopping, dining and nightlife. Despite being sometimes crowded during high season, the beach is actually one of the nicest stretches of white sand on Samui and has some of the calmest waters for swimming and other water sports.


Is another nearby area, situated along the second biggest beach after Chaweng. It also has a shopping street with many shops and restaurants. The main road is closed for a walking street festival every Sunday evening. Lamai is home to the lady Muai Thai boxing ring and a variety of local food stalls.

east side beahes

Vikasa is just minutes away from beautiful beaches such as Chaweng Noi, Coral Cove and Silver Beach. These are located on the east side of the island, which means the coast is generally dotted with gorgeous rock formations. The rocks make the coast unique, and offer amazing photo opportunities. These neighborhood beaches are inbetween the giants of tourism, Chawng and Lamai. We recommend the smaller beaches for a cleaner and quieter beach day.

If you drive to the west side of Koh Samui, you’ll find Lipa Noi Beach, known for its fluffy white sand and not a single rock in site. The water is a lighter shade of green on the west side, even on a rainy day you can see this strikingly beautiful water. Also on the west is Taling Nam beach, known for its hidden gem restaurants and local fisherman vibe.

westside beaches

Travel Around The Island

In the traditional heart of Bophut, is a fisherman village on the east side of the beach. Enjoy walking the street bazaar every Friday for local shopping. If you want to try the local seafood, your fresh catch is prepared before your eyes.

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Is another nearby area, situated along the second biggest beach after Chaweng. It also has a shopping street with many shops and restaurants. The main road is closed for a walking street festival every Sunday evening. Lamai is home to the lady Muai Thai boxing ring and a variety of local food stalls.


The gleaming gold Buddha statue located in Bang Rak area is a testament to the local culture and religion. It offers an excellent photo opportunity especially around sunset. Don’t miss the homemade coconut ice-cream vendor nearby the statue.

big buddha

“Central” as the locals call it, is the largest shopping mall, movie theater and restaurant complex on Koh Samui. Large chain stores as well as local designer boutiques can be found here. Central boasts some of the best western food on the island, so feel free to get your fix of comforts here including sushi, pizza or even Belgian beer.

central festival

Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga and relaxing. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time here is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Check out the main neighborhoods of Koh Samui. All these areas are reachable in a short 15 minute ride from Vikasa. We can arrange transportation for you or you can explore the island on your own via motorbike or tuktuk.

Island Activities

Koh Samui is loaded with fun activities to keep you entertained during your stay. Take a break from the yoga and health oasis of Vikasa, and venture out into the wild of Koh Samui. You’ll find everything from bungee jumping to jet packs to remote jungle hikes or temples tours. Don’t miss the two “walking street” street market festivals, every Friday and Sunday in Chaweng and Lamai areas respectively.

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Though we don’t have breaking waves to encourage any surfing, the stiller waters on Samui are increasingly becoming known as a haven for water sports. You can find a large range of sports from paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, rocket jet packs, kite surfing and even yachting.


Experience an unforgettable sunrise or sunset. We can take your group to a nice beach at sunrise or sunset for an unforgettable meditation and pranayama session right on the sand. One of the best sunrises can be seen here at Vikasa! Try your own sunrise yoga session on the rocks.

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Thai massage is wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing. Massage services can range from gentle and relaxing to strong and highly effective deep tissue massage. Your therapist can help with specific problem areas and help to relieve stress related blockages.

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Just across the road from Vikasa, there is a traditional Muay Thai boxing school. Private or group Muay Thai lessons can be easily arranged. For those willing to try a new experience in the martial arts, Muay Thai provides an exciting contrast to yoga practice.

muay thai

The brand new sky gym across the street is now open. Sky gym offers cycling spin classes as well as standard cardio machines and weight training machines. Sky gym is available to in-house Vikasa guests at no charge. If you would like to use the gym, simply pick up a voucher at the Vikasa reception on your way there.

sky gym treadmil

A trip to Koh Samui wouldn’t be complete without a riotous night in Chaweng. Weather you’re a full on party animal or just into people watching you’re sure to find the nightlife entertaining. Challenge a mamasan to a game of billiards, find your groove with fire dancers on the beach or sip a civilized cocktail at The W Hotel. There’s something for everyone after sundown.

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Thailand Wildlife

Koh Samui is home to many wild animals and insects. Sighting wild animals can be fun and exciting. Always be sure to use caution, respect and common sense if you should encounter wildlife. At Vikasa we have the utmost respect for our local flora and fauna. Koh Samui has a unique ecosystem full of exotic creatures. Some of the animals you may see during your stay include:

Orchids grow wild in the moist thriving jungles of Thailand. If you see a natural wild orchid please don’t pick it as several species are considered endangered or rehabilitating. Enjoy the natural beauty of Koh Samui but take only photographs and leave only footprints.

What is that annoying noise that woke me up in the middle of the night? The Tokay gecko with its blue skin and red spots is very impressive to see and very annoying to hear at 3am. This beautiful creature is part of daily life on Samui. While gecko bites are very rare, they do infect easily and should be avoided.


Its common to see thin bright green snakes at Vikasa and around the island. They live in shady green areas, and blend in easily to their surroundings. You may see them in trees or even crossing the stairs! These are perfectly harmless garden snakes. Please be respectful of the garden snakes around Vikasa.


Whilst staying on the island, there is a small chance that you could come into contact with scorpions and centipedes, both of which can pack a seriously nasty punch. Again, it is unlikely you will come into contact with either of these but just to be on the safe side it can be a good idea to shake out you shoes before putting them on.


If you think you’ve seen a Komodo dragon, you’ve probably in fact, seen a monitor lizard. While they do resemble the dangerous dragon of Komodo island, and can grow up to 1.5 meters long, the monitor lizards of Koh Samui are fairly harmless. Do not attempt to touch the lizards and be respectful of their habitat.


The likelihood of you ever seeing these, apart from in the Samui Snake Farm, is very unlikely. Cobras live deep in the jungle and tend to avoid human contact. The cobra causes the highest fatality due to snake venom poisoning in Thailand.


TripAdvisor Reviews

“Come for the views, stay for the community!”

To make clear, my 5-star rating is based on the overall experience at Vikasa Yoga. If you view your stay as accommodation alone, it’s pricey. In terms of food, the inclusive buffets are pleasant home cooking rather than stellar. Your view of the yoga will depend on whether you’re a newbie or a yoga instructor….the classes have to accommodate BOTH, so they can’t make everyone happy. But taken altogether, Vikasa offers excellent value as a place to unwind for a few days.

A friend and I stayed here for 3 nights in mid-February, which is the tail end of the dry season. That meant mozzies were at a minimum and there was a stiff breeze keeping the yoga salas very comfortably cool. Our deluxe seaview room was comfortable and clean, not luxurious, but had amazing sea views. You can walk down from the massage sala to the beachfront rocks. +

My friend was a total yoga novice, and found the classes difficult to follow as a result. We had a stellar private class with Alisa, which sorted my friend out for the rest of the trip. Social and yoga class dynamics probably change according to the mix of visitors, but there were a number of yoga instructors and/or keen, long-term yoga practioners during our visit…..some classes were >50% guys…..really ripped guys who did advanced handstand variations with intimidating ease! The instructors are, however, great at reminding you not to compare yourself with others etc.

I am a long-term novice/dabbler, having taken yoga classes at gyms intermittently for 10 years, and found that the adaptations were sufficient for me to follow. It helps to at least recognize the names of basic poses so you don’t have to glance up to figure out what you’re doing next. I did Vinyasa Flow with Sergio, Vikasa’s house style with Alisa, and Ashtanga fusion with Craig, and found the quality of instruction consistently high.

We actually found the crowd to be very friendly – there were at least 3 women traveling by themselves who had started hanging out together, and each having a mini “Eat Pray Love” kind of experience. Ronnie seems to serve as the social coordinator for longer term guests – he was arranging a tour of the island by motorcycle and inviting others to join when we were there.