Evolution Contest Voting

We are taking our Evolution Contest to the next stage and are delighted to present the yoga pictures of our now 20 finalists. At the beginning of our contest we asked you to send us your favourite yoga picture and tell us what yoga means to you. Evolution or Revolution? The response was awesome. We received so many beautiful yoga pictures and many of you really opened up and shared your personal thoughts with us. Thank you for that.
And now it’s time for you to participate in our contest by voting for the picture you find most compelling. Therefore we published a photo album on our facebook page with all 20 yoga pictures. The picture with the most „likes“ wins our Yoga Teacher Training at Vikasa. The voting will be on till Sunday the 19th of January. The following day we’ll announce the lucky winner.
So please take some…

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My Yoga Journey (Part 1): Tears for Progress ~ Sebla Kaplan

Deep sleep. Eyes opened. Wake Up.
I walk down to Vikasa’s Yoga Shala on the Sea and the Gayatri Mantra is playing. So wonderful! The chant alters my state and I begin my practice.
We start the day with pranayama and meditation followed by asana class with our Teacher Training Instructor George. Abdominal exercises, Warrior I and Warrior III. We prepare ourselves for handstand, camel pose, shoulder stand, halasana, head stand, chaturanga, updog, downdog series… Align, activate and contract Uddijana Bandha. Lengthen your spine…



I am a Turkish Yogi from Istanbul who is passionate about music, signing and songwriting. I studied Media at the University of Bedfordshire UK and am certified in Digital Filmmaking, Web & Graphic Design and Human Resources Management. I am proud to be a member of Vikasa’s worldwide yoga community. Vikasa gave me wings, now it is my time to fly.…

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The Healing of Touch and Yoga

While you have probably been keeping an eye open for different super foods, detox theories, or other healing magic bullet that might be out there, hopefully you haven’t over looked one of the most powerful, and available methods of healing: Touch.

Touch is an intimate phenomenon. When enough pressure to the skin stimulates the sense organs underneath, they send a signal to the central nervous system which is experienced as “touching” with something. The sensation can be read as having different qualities; soft, hard, smooth, hard, delicate, clumsy, and so on. Of course it’s not just tactile information that is experienced. The qualities of touch cue emotional and physiological response as well. Human touch takes it to a whole new level. All objects carry a “current” or charge to them but there is none so beneficially powerful in affect as the welcome touch of another human being. There is the…

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Yoga and Raw Food

So your curiosity has brought you to read my article about raw food here today. In gratitude, I’ll do my best to make it a little different than other  articles you may have read about raw food. Everyone pretty much agrees that some amount of raw food in our diet is basically essential for optimum health, but why? I’ll also give some useful tips to for bringing a healthy serving of living goodness into yourself.
Increasing awareness of self… through Yoga… and raw food. Know that this article isn’t going to be very much about nutrition.  While that is a very useful area of knowledge I would rather make this more interesting than just saying such and such raw food item has such and such nutrients good for x.
In fact, let’s just briefly get a little bit of debate regarding nutrition of raw oand cooked food  out of the…

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My Take on Yoga Therapy

Let me first tell you that the applications of Yoga for therapy are limitless really. Look at any kind of yoga practice; poses, breathing, or meditation. What is really happening there? You are practicing being consciously aware of yourself and choosing how to be in that environment. The general therapeutic affect of any of these practices is that you become skilled at perceiving yourself presently, perhaps curious to discover if there is still yet some broader capacity for that perception, and empowered by realizing that you can  choose how to be in yourself with any situation, at any moment, and in a way that is genuinely healing to your whole body-mind system more and more often. This healing increases your senses and energy which creates a feedback loop increasing your ability to perceive yourself and the inter connectivity of life. You can choose to be calm. You can choose to…

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Successful Habits: The Opportunity to Break Laziness

The awareness of “being” is very important to me in my teaching. It’s practice to be able to abide peacefully in yourself and know a more fundamental sort of identity. It’s what you do differently after experiencing it to live more genuinely and go even closer to the soul.
I may have mentioned in a previous post how “stilling” ourselves makes movement more significant. In other words, by practicing “being” you become more aware of “doing”, and it’s consequences. This is important because “doing”(which includes thinking) is what creates the patterns playing out in us that must be transformed and then diminished to align ourselves with peace, happiness and the wisdom. However, when it comes to changing ourselves, the light of consciousness will not do it for us. It will only reveal where the work lies. In it’s infinite love and wisdom, the universe allows all possibilities, even ones that…

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Teacher Training

Vikasa Yoga
+66 831077397
Vikasa means evolution, or spiritual development, when translated from Sanskrit language.
The concept of “evolution of yoga” is based on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. Our primary goal as a human race and that of any living organism is evolution, and yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. However, as the practice of yoga itself changes with time and place, as new techniques are being introduced, the approach is becoming more technical, precise and scientific, any definition of it as a system or style seems to be a limitation in itself. Therefore, the “Evolution of Yoga” approach has to be seen as an ever-evolving process, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system.
“Evolution of Yoga” approach is based on integrating deep core work…

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