Becoming a Global Yogi

Thailand based yoga teacher Lisa Kerry reviews the Becoming a Global Yogi Guide: A How-To Guide to Building an International Yoga Teaching Career by Michelle Taffe, founder of Wow. This book was not what I expected…. Whew, am I glad.   I’ll admit it, there was some hesitation in picking up this book because I expected it be playing some of the same things that go through my head everyday:   ‘Lisa, you should be practicing 1.5 hours each day, 6 days a week; you should be studying in India for several years with the best teachers available, and should have gone there already.” Really, though, who do you think you are thinking about being a traveling yoga teacher? You just don’t have what it takes. You’re not good enough! And you aren’t going to be able to make a living at it.’ Ok, so I admit it, that…

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Vikasa in KASA

Vikasa Yoga Retreat featured in Samui KASA edition.…

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Evolution Contest Voting

We are taking our Evolution Contest to the next stage and are delighted to present the yoga pictures of our now 20 finalists. At the beginning of our contest we asked you to send us your favourite yoga picture and tell us what yoga means to you. Evolution or Revolution? The response was awesome. We received so many beautiful yoga pictures and many of you really opened up and shared your personal thoughts with us. Thank you for that.
And now it’s time for you to participate in our contest by voting for the picture you find most compelling. Therefore we published a photo album on our facebook page with all 20 yoga pictures. The picture with the most „likes“ wins our Yoga Teacher Training at Vikasa. The voting will be on till Sunday the 19th of January. The following day we’ll announce the lucky winner.
So please take some…

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My Yoga Journey (Part 1): Tears for Progress ~ Sebla Kaplan

Deep sleep. Eyes opened. Wake Up.
I walk down to Vikasa’s Yoga Shala on the Sea and the Gayatri Mantra is playing. So wonderful! The chant alters my state and I begin my practice.
We start the day with pranayama and meditation followed by asana class with our Teacher Training Instructor George. Abdominal exercises, Warrior I and Warrior III. We prepare ourselves for handstand, camel pose, shoulder stand, halasana, head stand, chaturanga, updog, downdog series… Align, activate and contract Uddijana Bandha. Lengthen your spine…



I am a Turkish Yogi from Istanbul who is passionate about music, signing and songwriting. I studied Media at the University of Bedfordshire UK and am certified in Digital Filmmaking, Web & Graphic Design and Human Resources Management. I am proud to be a member of Vikasa’s worldwide yoga community. Vikasa gave me wings, now it is my time to fly.…

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Successful Habits: The Opportunity to Break Laziness

The awareness of “being” is very important to me in my teaching. It’s practice to be able to abide peacefully in yourself and know a more fundamental sort of identity. It’s what you do differently after experiencing it to live more genuinely and go even closer to the soul.
I may have mentioned in a previous post how “stilling” ourselves makes movement more significant. In other words, by practicing “being” you become more aware of “doing”, and it’s consequences. This is important because “doing”(which includes thinking) is what creates the patterns playing out in us that must be transformed and then diminished to align ourselves with peace, happiness and the wisdom. However, when it comes to changing ourselves, the light of consciousness will not do it for us. It will only reveal where the work lies. In it’s infinite love and wisdom, the universe allows all possibilities, even ones that…

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Ways to Yoga

The goal of the Yogi is to realize his or her fundamental nature as the infinite homogeneity of the universe. The tools to do this are plentiful and everywhere. It actually turns out that anything can be used to point at our true nature when observed carefully and made into practice. Do you like to sing and dance until forget about everything else? Have you had one of those lazy afternoon naps where you didn’t actually sleep but you really just stop thinking. Or…the liberation from your own situations that comes by bringing happiness to another human being? And what about the captivated curiosity of learning something new? These positive human behaviors are the foundation of Yoga practices.
Hatha Yoga
The most easily observable yoga practice(leading us to believe it’s what most
people practice), Hatha Yoga,  is a physically oriented foundational practice.  It brings balance in the…

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Now it’s time! (but there is no time in now) :D

Tonight, there will be parties, meditations, resolutions, and so on… That instant before the clock changes, before the second hand even moves to strike the very first second of 2012…there is incredible attention that we place onto that one moment. You can feel how powerful it is, how positively charged people become. Let this be a lesson from the wonders of your own attention and let your attention come to this moment.

     There is a feeling of stillness. Of un-changing-ness. There is a peaceful space of being. Practicing being present seems silly to some people. They might ask “How will I get anything done if I stay still and peaceful?” In truth, ask yourself who you are. Who is getting things done? There will always be the observer which can only observe. The truth self does nothing. By practicing inquiry and dwelling as this observer you only free more…

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The Winds of Prana

Prana is the all pervasive energy of the Universe.  It’s the secret, subtle thing at work which makes gravity draw inwards,  propulsion push out, and life expand and contract. These movements are derived from that source energy and they are called the Vayus (winds) in Yoga. You can become aware of these movements of energy inside yourself to make a more interesting practice and healthier human. All of them can be experienced easily though the medium of your breath. First, without me telling you what they are, you can feel them yourself by taking slow deep breaths and sitting up right now. As you do…allow your body to accommodate in the direction you feel the movements. Breath, and make the transition between your breaths very smooth,  like ocean waves that seamlessly merge from one to the next.
The Five Vayus

These are the five main Vayus  that direct life…

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Namaste Jakarta Festival

Konstantin Miachin about Vikasa Yoga @ the Namaste Yoga Ferstival in Jakarta……

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Everything is possible…

This is video is a proof that everything is possible! In this video, Vikasa Yoga student – Stan Weaver is demonstrating the results that are possible to achieve in just 1 year of practice. Just one year ago Stan came to Vikasa Yoga for the first time, with absolutely no prior experience he tried yoga for the first time, fell in love with it, practiced, had fun, and… see for yourself!!!…

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