Rising with the sun – magic sunrise meditation

This blog is about enjoying a magic sunrise meditation; rising with the sun, barefoot on the soft sandy beach and swimming in the warm tropical ocean.
In order to meditate and really enjoy and feel this wonderful feeling of peace harmony unity and ‘oneness’ with all it helps massively when you connect nature and the 5 Elements of Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Air.
All of these are abundantly available in very pure form AND all at the same time at Vikasa and our nearby beaches, for sure another awesome Vikasa Magic Moment!
It is so easy and such a wonderful feeling to really connect to any of the base 5 elements here; for the active ‘A’ types amongst you that want to go the extra mile come and join me on the sunrise beach walk, jog or run!!
Whatever your preference is and enjoy this delightful experience as part…

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Yoga and the sun

Magic Moments: The rising sun and element of Fire.
One of the many thing amazing things I love about Vikasa is the absolutely sensational location!
Nestled on the steep tropical cliffs and beautiful rugged coastline and within easy walking reach to the beautiful popular beaches, it is one of those very rare and special places where you can also very easily get away and disappear into the delightful presence of only pure undisturbed nature.
This really is an experience and feeling far beyond any words and I strongly encourage any guest or student with us to take full advantage of this very special gift and blessing.
Especially on Samui with significant land and building development places where you can find undisturbed nature are now very hard to find, and here at Vikasa it is literally just a walk away from your room or bungalow!
You can easily find a beautiful,…

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Meditation Tips from Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training

Meditation can seem like a daunting practice, but it can actually be quite simple when correct techniques are applied…here I will tell you the key elements that will lead you to your own successful meditative process.

With regular enough practice to build up a connection within, you might feel the benefit and natural desire to have a regular practice, even if it’s just a few minutes morning or evening and cultivating a meditative state of mind throughout your daily life.

Sitting Up Right
First and foremost is the upright spine. Extending the spine to feel tall physiologically creates a feeling of wakefulness. It is also the best action for reducing inbalances in the curvature of the spine and promotes balanced 3-dimensional actions of breath. Sitting upright is initiated by many muscles but focusing to the deepest abdominal muscle, the tranverse abdominis, will improve your posture and increase your endurance…

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How to Sit for Meditation: Classical Meditation Poses

Meditation Asana
Meditation Asana share two main features; an upright spine and stability. The spine, up right in extension, provides the mental poise needed for sustained concentration. Stability calms all systems and gives us more internal awareness.
In classic meditation poses the legs cross and the thighs form a wide base of support. The hands rest on the knees further helping to stabilize the spine. The individual parts support the total body alignment with minimum effort, yoga. At first the flexibility of your body is the main determining factor for which of the meditation asana you should use, then time. Remember that you should be comfortable in the pose so as to focus easily on your inner environment. Do not sit in a position that irritates or nags you to release the pose. When all of these poses are accessible to you can explore their different qualities.
The Poses here…

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Meditation and the Inward Movement

What is the process of moving towards meditation?
I  say towards, because meditation is an out of body experience which you can not perform. Meditation infers that there is no performer! I suppose it’s easier to say and we all love that, but to say “I meditate”, unless your speaking from the cosmic endless ocean of pure concsciousness-bliss, is just incorrect. You can however prepare yourself for this divinely graced presence by meditation practice. Imagine it’s like going through all the rooms in the gigantic house-of-your-being, slowly you dim the lights and turn off things as you make your way inwards. Walking more quietly and slowly after each light is turned off, you might stub your toe on some left out thought you thought you had put away. Pick it up mindfully. Feel it in your hands and contemplate it’s meaning or use in your life. If it has merit…

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