Meditation Tips

Vikasa Yoga Teacher Training Meditation can seem like a daunting practice, but it can actually be quite simple when correct techniques are applied…here I will tell you the key elements that will lead you to your own successful meditative process. With regular enough practice to build up a connection within, you might feel the benefit […]

The Five Yamas

Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga The five moral ethics of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga are the absolute foundation of yoga practice for people from all walks of life. Why? Because when you adhere to them your mind is a guilt free, easy going place that is ready to really focus on being and creating, two main qualities of […]

Practice Steaming Awareness

Modern Physical Yoga Culture That Present Feeling… What makes yoga practice, yoga practice?It is the consistency of streaming your awareness to a simple aspect of your existence.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just that it is simple. What is streaming awareness? Take a deep breath in and just experience it, let all else fade […]

What is Karma?

Karma How does it work and where did it come from? Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means action. Within the backdrop of Vedantic and buddhist philosophy, and the growing momentum of humans to experience the workings of the universe and our own spirituality, it has more connotations. It often comes with the […]

Peeling off your Layers – Koshas

Koshas Let’s remember Yoga is a system of techniques and information we use for physical and spiritual liberation and is designed to be accessible. Some aspects of it then will be generalizations, in fact, all forms all generalizations, but helpful for pointing us in the correct direction. It is the duty then, and blessing of […]

The Space Between: Shavasana

    Shavasana One element that distinguishes Hatha Yoga  from other physical disciplines is the practice of Shavasana, the corpse pose. My favorite part is that it starts as a physical experience and then can take me to spaces between thoughts and illusory identities.  It’s first role is to let the body completely rest after […]